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After almost half a year of using, I’ve become a changed person :). I’d like to help anyone signing up for the first time with an easy to understand guide to introduce you to this global community of writers.

I will outline the essentials and give you beginner tips into receiving your BCH payments. As someone who owned zero cryptocurrency and just stumbled upon this site about six months ago and now owns several different currencies, it is possible to make this site work for you.

Start Writing

What should you write about? The best part of this site is that you have the freedom to write about anything, anything! As long as you follow the guidelines that has listed you’re good. You can review them here or if you scroll down to the very bottom of any page, it’s there under the “Rules” link. Nothing hate filled, erotic/porn/sexually explicit, trash talking etc. - that type of writing will be deleted. If you want to get started, I urge you to read and review that link. Once you’ve gained an understanding, start posting. You can join one of communities, which have posted additional rules to posting under their communities - some are word count, content or otherwise. If you don’t find a community for the subject you want to write about, start your own. This is an open platform and you have that power to do so.

Getting Paid

I have received the majority of my payments through The Random Rewarder and some from other writers here. Along with the Rules link I posted above, this here is a great resource to make sure that you will receive the awesome tips from our favorite robot. It goes over why or why not you’re receiving payment and more in detail about what kind of content will get noticed by Random Rewarder. Also, if you are able to get a cool sponsor like I have (thanks @scottcbusiness !) You can receive additional payments through that sponsor.

Introduce Yourself

When you sign up, you’ll be prompted to introduce yourself to the community. It doesn’t take long and it’s a great opportunity to meet others in the community and get subscribers. I have subscribed and welcomed many to the community, it’s always nice to find out who you’re spending time with here on, they might personally be different from the content that they write and it’s always nice to have that image of a real person behind the articles.

Take a Look Around

Now you’ve introduced yourself. Great, now look around the neighborhood, look through the Communities, see what’s Hot, New, Trending, look at writer’s profiles and what they write about. Get a feel of how you would like to contribute and write about. Time to get comfortable and break in that keyboard.

Posted Article, Received Payment Woohoo!

Now you’ve posted your first article, woohoo! And Random Rewarder even sent you some BCH (bitcoin cash), you’re doing awesome 👏. Now at sign up, you had to connect/signup for a Badger wallet. Feel free to use that wallet and send to wherever you’d like, an exchange or another wallet of your choosing. Now you can either HODL that BCH or sell it to send to your local bank account for using. I had received some questions on how to do this and I will give you a brief overview on what I have found has worked best for me.



I have decided to use a few different wallets and it’s up to you which one makes most sense for you. One of them that I really enjoy using is Celsius because I earn interest on BCH there - way more than any bank is offering now in my country. If you’re interested in signing up for it, click here or enter 1910617d98 and if you deposit $400 or more, you’ll receive $40 in BTC.


I consider Coinbase as a gateway crypto company. They did have an IPO on the exchange recently. They both have an exchange, wallet and another app called Coinbase Pro. The exchange is where I started. They offer quizzes to learn about new tokens and in return, you receive a small about of that token. It really adds up if you’re able to take all the quizzes. They limit the amount of users able to take advantage of this perk. I always try and open the app and scroll down to see if any new quizzes are available to make sure I don’t miss out. In the exchange you can either HODL that new currency or exchange it for another one that is selling on Coinbase. To join, you can use my referral link to get $10 in BTC (bitcoin) when you buy or sell $100 here.

Coinbase Wallet

They do have a wallet where you can keep your crypto and even stake it to earn interest. Their interest rates do not compare to Celsius though, pretty low in comparison. But if you want to use it, it’s there and you can easily transfer between the exchange and this wallet.

Coinbase Pro

Now initially, the Pro equalled fee to use to me when I read about it. But it’s not, it’s free to use, just download and connect to your Coinbase exchange account. It’s withdrawal fees are lower than the exchange (wish I had know about this earlier smh) and is a great way to send your crypto and save on those fees.

While I have mixed feelings on this one, they have and offer a lot of unique benefits that the others do not. They have an exchange which I have used and a wallet, that I have yet to try out. One thing I like about them is that they offer a lot of ALT coins that come out that Coinbase or the other majors don’t offer (like that SHIB, sorry I had to!) They are also one of the few that offer a sign up for a debit card connected to your account. I signed up for the basic card that has one benefit of earning 1% back on purchases, which is paid back in their own token, CRO ( Coin). The higher tiers are available if you buy certain amounts of CRO. The benefits are pretty cool, free Spotify, Netflix, airport lounge access, CRO stake rewards and more, depending on how much CRO you buy. If this sounds interesting to you, sign up here and you’ll get $25 in CRO, which unfortunately is locked until you stake $400 CRO - but can be done by getting the Metal Visa card. So if that is the card you were eyeing, this works for you.

Last Word on Wallets/Exchanges

Research any exchange or wallet you sign up for, make sure you’re signing up for a secure and safe product. Always, always, always keep your seed phrase safe and stored away. The best way is to write it down on a piece of paper and not stored on your phone or computer. Another tip is to make sure that you’re using the correct wallet address, check check and double check you are sending it the right way. When I got started, I was so excited and wanted to participate in the airdrop of BCH and was so new, I made the mistake of sending $15 worth of BCH to some address because I didn’t understand. Now I’m a bit wiser. Thank goodness for the low fees on BCH that you can send it without a chunk being taken away for gas fees. So send a small amount as a test run and once it’s confirmed, send the rest.

Now You’re Ready!

Hope this has been helpful and I’m super pumped that you are reading this and ready to join us in this fabulous community. I look forward to what you all plan to share with us. Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or are interested in reading anything additional about what I’ve written.

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Written by   33
1 year ago
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This is pretty quite clear and concise. Though I've created an account a month ago. I never really posted an article until yesterday. I need to explore and know more about read cash and I'm glad I came across this article.

Thank you.

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1 year ago

Thanks so much for your comment @frenchtoast78 and stopping by. Yes exploring is a great way to learn about this site and figure it out, welcome! Let me know if there’s any questions/thoughts and looking forward to your posts.

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1 year ago