Knuth's Latest Releases: Enhancements, Updates and Ongoing Work

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We are excited to announce the latest releases across our ecosystem, underscoring our dedication to constant improvement and cutting-edge Bitcoin Cash technology.

We are excited to announce a series of new releases at Knuth, further reinforcing our commitment to continuous improvement and expanding our capabilities to support the Bitcoin Cash community.

Our most noteworthy release is our Javascript and Typescript Library v1.17.0. This update is particularly significant as it comes with support for the May 15, 2023 Network Upgrade, implementing several key CHIPs, most notably the CashTokens. The inclusion of CashTokens holds great promise for future applications and broadens the range of possibilities within the Bitcoin Cash network.

Other important releases include:

  1. C++ Library v0.34.0

  2. C Library v0.35.0

  3. Node Executable v0.34.0

These new releases come with numerous improvements, including post-update changes and updates to the CI/CD workflow. You can find more detailed information about each release on our GitHub page.

Looking ahead, we continue to invest heavily in our technology and our team. We're tirelessly working on improving our UTXO Set implementation and the API of our Javascript and Typescript library, as we believe these improvements are crucial for the future growth of Bitcoin Cash.

In the pipeline, we have two more exciting releases coming up. We're working on the release of our C# and Python libraries, which will further broaden our capabilities and versatility in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

We want to thank everyone in the Knuth community for their continued support as we work towards these improvements. As always, stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being part of our journey!

Thank you!

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone in the Knuth community for their unwavering support as we tirelessly work towards these improvements. Knuth, as an open source project, thrives on this very community support and the generosity of our supporters within the wider Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. Your belief in our efforts allows us to continue our mission of optimizing Bitcoin Cash to be the world's peer-to-peer electronic cash system. As we journey forward, we invite you to stay tuned for more updates and thank you for being an integral part of our story!

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It my first time coming across the Knuth node and would be read a couple of articles and get to know how the node works and also trying out the extension with my PC

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