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Knuth - Monthly Progress Report: March 2020

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8 months ago

Following our commitment to transparency and to the idea of keeping our channels open to the ecosystem, we present our March - Monthly Progress Report.

We know this report is a month late, and we apologize for that. It has been an exciting and busy couple of months, but also challenging concerning the well-known situation (COVID-19).

To date, our Flipstarter fundraising campaign is at 52%, and we don't want to miss the opportunity to thank all of our contributors: Marc De Mesel, molecular, btcfork, Henry Cashlitt, Shadow Of Harbringer, amora, emergent_reasons, Omar and Why cryptocurrecies.

Thank you!

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@kth, I new this program few minutes ago and I have been enjoying your article since then. Sky is your limit.

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8 months ago