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Knuth Business Model & Flipstarter Campaign

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9 months ago

At Knuth, we envision bringing Bitcoin Cash to everyday life. We plan to do so by building a scalable monetary platform that offers one service and one service only—money, in the form of electronic cash.

We are convinced that the path best suited for that purpose involves simple and lean structures. At Knuth, we stand firmly with that perspective, recognizing that the most powerful catalyst for global adoption is accessibility.

We also want to create an easy path for newcomers. We want to help a new generation of software developers create amazing solutions, a new generation of business developers to take cross borders trade to unprecedented levels.

Knuth is a full-node implementation focused on extra performance and flexibility. It is designed for wallets, exchanges, block explorers, miners, and for anyone who wants to go further with blockchain technology. Knuth is characterized by a modular architecture and elegant code. But that is not all. Knuth is also a development platform that offers a set of libraries as a foundation for building applications.

Taking into account the several examples that come to us from the industry, we understand that to be successful, every Bitcoin Cash implementation must go through three critical steps: following the chain, mining blocks, proposing improvements. We are totally committed to the task.

With rational budgets and a deliverable package that we intend to keep flexible based on feedback from the ecosystem, let there be no confusion, our commitment to Bitcoin Cash is present and stronger than ever. Knuth sets its landmark against any hostile force, internal or external that even attempts to undermine the initiative of bringing electronic cash to the world.

Our policy is transparency, our process momentum, our culture competition. The challenge to take Bitcoin Cash to its maximum potential is now. Get ready!

If you want to know more about Knuth, our business model and the Flipstarter campaign in which we are participating, here it is.

In case you want to join us in the mission of creating Bitcoin Cash technology and unleash economic freedom, you are more than welcome.

Twitter: @KnuthNode

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9 months ago
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