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Announcing Knuth C-API v0.24.0

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7 months ago

The Knuth project is pleased to announce the release of its C-API version 0.24.0.

This release includes the following features and fixes:

Using the Knuth C-API you can use the node as a library.

For the full release notes, please visit:

For information about how to install Knuth, please visit our website at

Thank you!

Knuth is open source software that needs community support to continue its development. Therefore we would like to thank the generosity of our supporters and that of the entire Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. You are the ones that allow us to move forward with our goal, which is everyone's goal at Bitcoin Cash, which is to be the Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System for the entire world.

Donation address:

$ 29.86
$ 22.05 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 5.00 from @tango
$ 2.00 from @ErdoganTalk
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Written by   135
7 months ago
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