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Diving Back to 2018

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3 months ago (Last updated: 1 month ago)

Dear Diary,

I was anxiously looking at my mother while she was silently walking me to an unfamiliar place I have never gone to, my whole life. (I mean, we came here like 3 months ago but that wasn't even a complete visit), I even thought they had swimming pools here. I’m still feeling nauseous after riding the same bus we’re riding back and forth for years now whenever we go shopping before the new school year starts annually.

I grew up independently as a woman but I can’t deny that I was still depending on my parents as their first daughter my whole life and now, they are literally ready to throw me out of our town to a totally different environment I haven't seen before. As we were nearly getting into the entrance of the new institution, my heart is slowly pacing its way up as I sweat out the uncomfortable feeling I haven't felt for a while. It felt different, to be honest. It felt new.

She totally knew this will be a big challenge for me, coming into the city to continue my studies like nothing really happened back to where I came from. Still, I had to get myself together and try to blend in.

I am new here.

They don’t know me.

I can be myself here.

That’s all that mattered to me at this point of time.

A male staff led us to the admission office after my mother asked for the enrollment process and we were greeted by a few familiar faces whom I first met as I took the entrance exam 3 months ago. Now I’m back to finally get myself enrolled and I really never felt left out because everyone was literally very friendly to me.

A few minutes later, a rather young and skinny man entered and was greeted by all the staffs inside the office. He seemed to be a popular guy among these school staffs. He was wearing a thick eyeglass, a pair of sneakers, jeans and a slightly fitted shirt that follows his body form that obviously makes him look skinnier. He is literally looking like a geek… or a nerd rather. By the looks of that young man I assume he’s good at board games… or computer games.

He was then instructed to lead me up to a couple more floors for the whole enrollment process and I am very much delighted to come and explore the school further. He smiled… slightly smile, I think? I don’t know. He seems nice actually. Nice but weird. The whole few walks were silent as we pass by a few more unfamiliar faces processing their papers. It was really awkward but I don’t really care because I am still in awe about the school building that we’re walking through and was connected to another building next to it. This is new and quite unique.

Before we could even get to the room where I assume to be the computer laboratory (as indicated above the door), he asked me if I was taking up STEM as an 11th grader and I gladly said yes. As I heard his voice, I noticed he kind of sounded so feminine so I assumed (again) that he was… gay. I am so sorry in advance if he ever gets the change to read this here. That was my first official talk to someone I am unfamiliar with. He was the first regular student I ever talked to my whole life after coming into the city.

He gladly asked again if what I will be taking after I graduate from Senior High School. I timidly said “Nursing.” And it slightly made him smile even bigger as he replied that he will be taking Nursing too. I saw a slight excitement on his face after hearing my answer. He even said he’d be glad to have me on the same department with him. It also made me excited, actually. I am happy to find such a nice person who will be my senior soon, maybe?

After everything, we thank him for helping us out for the enrollment process before me and my mother finally went to the mall to eat lunch. We roam around the mall and got myself some new stuffs, including my new bag and a new iPad I’m supposed to use for school. I would never have the chance to own an iPad if I wasn’t even enrolled on that private institution. Too lucky for me, they got me one~

Unfortunately, I didn’t get his name. I NEVER GOT HIS NAME. He’s supposed to be my first ever friend in this chaotic city that’s definitely new to my very eyes. I didn’t know that I could be that stupid. Wow, self, I salute your stupidity.

Krystel Joy

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Written by   4
3 months ago (Last updated: 1 month ago)
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