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Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji Review

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The anime follows Erika Shinohara and Kyouya Sata as imagine couples. Erika experienced difficulty making companions and she just increased some subsequent to imagining she has a sweetheart. At the point when her companions got dubious, she haphazardly snapped a photo of a hot person strolling in the city. They won't perceive a more interesting, correct? All things considered, not if the person is a well known attractive figure at your school. Erika had a decision. Approach the person and request to be imagine BF and GF or only fess up about her untruths. She decided to move toward the person. He agreed however. Gracious, Erika needed to pivot multiple times first and bark like a canine. Kyouya simply discovered his new pet.

Taking the Pants Off

Oh rapture, it's been for a little while. How would we this once more? Truly, I wasn't in any event, anticipating delivering a survey since life just got strikingly tumultuous. I'll do another post about that. We should zero in on this anime. Definitely, how about we make a plunge on this extremely disillusioning anime. Above all else, this anime felt peculiar upon early introduction. I continued reasoning the whole thing would look better in the event that it was a true to life show, and you realize what, there is really a true to life film of this one. It looks really cool. Look at it. In any case, this show is… .acceptable. I imagine that is the correct word for it. It's not so much awful, since it adhered near the first source. Nonetheless, it's not so much good either since it strayed from the first source too. I let you know, it's been some time since I did this. I'm not seeming well and good.

Fundamentally everything comes down to the variation itself. The show comes up short on some specialized perspectives, yet since the first source is acceptable without anyone else, the show flourished. As a shoujo anime, this show sucks. Like, the central, practically subconscious, parts of the shoujo type are messed up by this anime. The entirety of my protests with this anime are totally specialized. From activity to arrangement organization and all that sh*t. I continue hovering back to the manga however, in light of the fact that it is really damn acceptable. I ask you to simply peruse the first source and disregard this anime. Every last trace of acclaim you can think to give this anime is fundamentally on account of the drawing in manga it adjusted gravely. This show will make you overjoyed, on the grounds that it hit the correct spots in certain minutes, however it can likewise be an errand to watch. It's truly only a wreck, so how about we go at it with extra special care.


This anime kinda does not have a story. It worked off its reason for most of its first half, and afterward it simply formed into another reason. There isn't generally a story. It's just plain obvious, it's an ideal opportunity to get specialized. A reason is the stuff you read off MyAnimeList's depiction of the show. It's the stuff introduced in the primary scene, yet it inevitably gets layered by other stuff until it blooms into a story. For a genuine model, we should take a gander at Ao Haru Ride. The reason is about a kid and young lady that used to like one another, grew up separated, rejoined and the person is an outright d*ck now. The chick still kinda burrows him however, so she pursues him attempting to reignite the warmth of their past. The story blooms from that. We find the person is a d*ck in light of the fact that his mom kicked the bucket however he led on the young lady for a really long time that she essentially had enough. At the point when he's prepared to adore her however, the young lady has just discovered another fella ready to cherish her back. So the d*ck now pursues the young lady. Presently, for Ookami Shoujo, the reason is about the young lady professing to have a beau. She snapped an image of an arbitrary buddy to fill in as her BF, he ends up being a famous attractive person in school, and she presently attempts to persuade him to play imagine couple. He concurs however, and he before long uses it as a coercion to abuse the young lady. The chick must choose between limited options however, since she got herself in that circumstance in any case. She, be that as it may, can't avoid his appeal and situational inconvenience results.

The story, well, there isn't generally one. The anime simply follow the diverting misfortunes of the kid and the young lady as an imagine couple. While the young lady becomes hopelessly enamored with the person, ohmygosh spoiler, the story doesn't generally set off. I really don't have the foggiest idea what the anime is attempting to accomplish. While Ao Haru Ride never truly had a decent variation, I was as yet sold on the high school tension and misinformed revering of the couple. For this anime, the flavor never truly creates. We see the couple simply get into various charming circumstances that closes with them acting like an adorable couple. The person becomes ill, they spend Christmas together, a Valentines scenes and a ton of other sh*t like that. It needs body however. Sooner or later, you kinda need more from your story. You wanna become hopelessly enamored with the characters and you need to applaud them. You need to treasure each second they have as much as they do, and this anime simply isn't giving us the products. I despite everything recall this unpleasant scene in Ao Haru Ride where the young lady truly smells the person's hair while he is dozing, and it puts on a show of being adorable since the young lady's confused blamelessness is in full presentation. It's strange how simply the little subtleties really make a shoujo manga work, and this specific anime flopped on conveying those little subtleties. I needed to check the manga to see where the anime stumbled and I was stunned when I understood it was over the least complex of subtleties.


On the off chance that you really check the manga, you'd understand the anime is adjusting it with no guarantees. This implies each casing really wakes up in the anime on the grounds that the show utilized it as the gawd damn storyboard for the show. Presently, I love anime that adjusts a unique source verbatim yet I HATE a show that lethargically utilizes the manga as the storyboard. It couldn't be any more obvious, more specialized stuff. Is this what you needed to find out about when you tapped on this audit? Taking the manga, replicating a board and including hues aren't generally that amazing. It's really modest. A ton of hentai anime does this. Rather than squandering cash on an attractive anime, simply vitalizing the manga is adequate. For hentai, I generally approve of this, since the first source is frequently significantly additionally frightening with its fluids and pushing audio effects. For a shoujo anime however, the cycle looks modest. Duplicate gluing from the manga just makes your show a celebrated moving picture. It isn't generally a transformation. A variation catches the aim of the creator. It catches the primary thought it was attempting to convey. In Ookami Shoujo's case, it discloses to us that affection is entangled however it doesn't need to be. It's just confounded in light of the fact that individuals are muddled. Strip away the rubbish and love can be effortlessly communicated. Did you get any of that in the anime? You won't. Why? Since the little subtleties, the subtlety, of the manga isn't adjusted by the anime.

On the off chance that you observe some other shoujo anime, you'll notice that the hues are normally light, regularly blurred. Truly, any JC Staff or Production IG sentiment has a delicate palette. The principle reason is on the grounds that a ton of the scenes in the first source request a delicate palette. Oh rapture, we're currently going more specialized. Investigate this picture of the young lady becoming flushed in the anime:

It looks OK, correct? Here she is in the manga:

So what's unique? Indeed, it's the little subtleties. Notice the bubbly circles out of sight. It's really a barely noticeable detail in most shoujo anime, yet it adds a ton to the experience. The anime comes up short on that. It does not have the subconscious sign that will cause you to feel something for the character. So generally inspiring or thrilled minutes in the show, this way:

Does not have the one-two punch it has in the manga.

Better believe it, he's expression the correct words however it's truly gawd damn inadequate. This is the reason I scorn simply duplicating a manga when you don't have the foggiest idea what precisely you're replicating. In case you're asking why the little air pockets of ink aren't in the anime, it's essentially in light of the fact that it's harder to vitalize. TYO Animations studio kinda went with a delicate spending plan for this show. I'll discuss the activity in detail later on. For the present, we should simply plunge further into where the variation fizzles. Indeed, more specialized stuff. Is it accurate to say that you aren't happy TPAB is back?

Smoothed out

Or then again is the right word "misrepresented"? For reasons unknown, there are sure sections that the anime didn't adjust. It's peculiar, in light of the fact that the anime is adjusting the manga verbatim yet it skirted some significant parts. I don't generally comprehend. Generally, one part would normally be one scene in the anime. It looks great, since the manga's movement is kept unblemished. Gutting out specific parts kinda ruins the duplicate glue technique for the show however. I just read up to the seventh part or whatever. I'm an apathetic peruser, however the anime didn't adjust two sections from the OG. It's a sea shore scene and a story where the person coached the young lady. I initially however that invigorating these scenes would be extreme, so they gutted it out. I before long acknowledged they kept out these scenes for two straightforward reasons. One, it made the person look powerless. Two, it fleshed out different characters. The anime truly simply centered around the couple and that's it. It likewise focused on one account: the young lady pursuing the uninterested person. It's kinda the best aspect of the show in any case observing the simply give zero f*cks about everything. The two parts gutted out kinda ruins the account however, as the person really pursued the young lady in these sections. I think in the sea shore part, the person implied that becoming hopelessly enamored is simple when he offered a guidance to this man we never found in the anime.

Sight and Sound

Being a copy-paste kinda anime, the visuals are mostly the same as the manga. The character design is very beautiful and it does scream shoujo. I particularly love how Erika would change her hair style throughout the series, and she even cut it at some point in the story. The character build are all the same though, but you can’t really expect much variety from a romance manga. They all have to be fashionably sexy and handsomely built. They have a specific audience to cater to. I love how Ayuko Hatta dedicates a lot of panels for the couples though. Every wide eyed expression, every blush and every contact feels so special with how much importance she gives them. She often eats up an entire page just to deliver the best facial reaction to the situation, and I absolutely love it. The reader would often have to stare a long while at the vulnerable characters, and it does help in cheering them on throughout the story. The anime completely botched this though. The use of bland colors absolutely killed the beauty of Hatta’s characters. Though to be fair, they used the same color scheme Hatta used in her colored pages. Those pages look atrocious as well, so adapting the intended vision was kinda a big part of the anime’s job. Well, they also kinda needed to animate the damn thing.

Animation is horrible. While the show did use the manga as a storyboard, they did very little to animate those scenes. A lot of times, there are very little movement. The transition animations look sloppy as hell, and the characters faces would distort because of how piss poor they animated the whole thing. Sometimes they’d short cut certain scenes, like doing a close up while a character is walking, so they won’t have to animate a different scene. Sometimes, characters would only move their mouth. Sometimes, there would be no animation. You just hear character talking while their back is turned against the camera. Certain scenes do look passable, but the overall animation isn’t good enough. If they weren’t lazily tracing the manga, I don’t think the anime would look presentable at all. No wonder they can’t animate the soft ink bubbles, something as simple as a walking cycle is too much for them. The show feels a tad robotic, and it really looks boring as time passes. While the entire thing looks OK, the show does fail on the little details. It’s hard to like something that looks so cheaply made. It just looks horribly half-assed.

The anime’s OP is “LOVE GOOD TIME” by SpecialThanks. I love this song. It’s catchy and stylish even though I’m sure the singer is doing some forced English lines. I have listened to this song countless times and it’s honestly the main reason why I finished the show. I just freakin’ enjoyed listening to it. The OP sequence does tell a lot about the show though. The horrid animation is present, the lack of a story is obvious and it actually featured a ton of just random situations which is aplenty in the actual show too.

The anime’s ED is “Ookami Heart” by Oresama. This is a weird techno pop song, but it is pretty catchy as well. A lot of awful shows have strong OSTs, and this anime is no different. It’s a stylish song, and I love how the anime tried to emulate that as well. The animation is still awful, but there is some genuine effort in the ED sequence that I do appreciate.

Overall Score

5/10 “It’s good enough to urge you to read the manga, so the show kinda served its purpose. Go on, read the manga instead.”

The entire show is just passable. It’s OK but it’s also entirely forgettable. It’s a huge disservice to the manga, so I really just want people to pick up the original source instead. This anime fails on the basics and the technical aspects so it can’t really give you any meaningful experience beyond what it lazily copied from the manga. If you like shoujo, I think this anime will just waste your time. Sure, it had its moments but it’s an inferior product that doesn’t deserve your attention. I do not recommend it.

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Written by   32
2 years ago
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I will not watch it

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2 years ago

Just give it a try though in my perception it has a bad review and rating. Everybody has it own like and dislike. Maybe you will like or not. But give it a try.

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2 years ago