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FACE OFF SERIES #4: Ordinary Teenager vs. Me being a BCH User

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I don't know what should I write for this section, so I decided to brief my own background story before I discovered BCH. I realized that I'm not an ordinary teenager anymore, I built different.

If you don't know yet my age and educational status, I'm already sixteen years old, pursuing my studies and my current strand that I take is Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM). Personally, I want to pursue accountancy, so I chose that strand.

Nevertheless, before I discovered BCH, I was an ordinary student who likes to pursue his career for his upcoming future. His routine every day is to finish his modules and of course his responsibility on the house which is to clean their dishes. If he already finished, he's often watching YouTube and TikTok videos or even reading stories on Wattpad. He's like an ordinary teenager who wants to take a nap after his draining modules before but suddenly, BCH changed his life. He's now pursuing his career in writing and gathering some virtual friends. It's kinda fun at his part, and I'm sorry if I wrote a third point of view from that.

I think my introduction went well so without further introduction, let's get started.

1) Things that we want for the future

Ordinary Teenager

If you ask me as an ordinary teenager if what are my plans that I will settle for my future, I will probably say that I want to be an accountant and to support my family for our future. That's pretty immaculate for those teenagers who were still do not have personal experience on crypto space right now. Actually, my plans and their plans are immaculately different.

Me being a BCH user

If I ask myself if what are the goals that I want to succeed for my future, I will plan for long-term and short-term plans compared to my instinct when I still clueless at BCH before.

First, I also want to chase like a cat my occupation someday which is accountant. I admit that I still need to undergo at college to pursue my future career since writing articles for the sake of BCH is not literally for a lifetime. But, I hope this site will last long.

Second, I want to reach at least one Bitcoin Cash for this year. I only need to attain one bitcoin cash because of few reasons. I used some of my BCH for my E-Load business because I need to contribute for paying my mother's internet bills and I also need to save cellphone, printer and laptop for this year. Furthermore, I don't know if my plans will be success just like what I saw but let's see. Not only that, but I'm planning to open my savings bank (alkansya) before this year ends.

Lastly, I want to buy a hectare of land for my parents if I will be given a chance. If the price of the real Bitcoin will reach $30,000 and if I reached more than 1 BCH, then my plan will be probably successful. My mother occasionally hoping if we can own one hectare of land for rice field because we lived on a countryside and I want to give it as a gift before she will leave this world. (sana 'di pa)

2) Financial Status

Ordinary Teenager

I think their status financially is dependent compared on those people who were using BCH. Some of my ex-classmates before were doing sidelines as their way to earn extra income even though they are studying like selling graham balls at room, selling clothes on Ukay-Ukay and I'm proud that my sidelines before to earn money is to sew notebook, but I felt like my earnings there is not worth it for my time.

It's pretty normal to have some batchmates who were still depend on their parents but honestly, some of them were abusing their parents or let's say encumbrance if we want to make it fancy. They are also not contented at the money that they have, and I felt bad for them.

Me Being a BCH User

If you ask me if I'm saving money for my wants and needs, then I will probably say yes. This section is not intended to brag the others but based on my estimation and a little bit calculation, I already earned a total of 150 USD, and I'm slowly withdrawing it by means of my E-Load business. Being a BCH user can also gain a lot of opportunities aside from writing articles and making some noise.

I'm not literally good at these passive income, but I started to trade on Juungle, trade on Binance and trying other apps and sites which we can earn free cryptos aside from BCH. Aside from that, I'm proud that I will not go to another workplace or lift some construction materials just to make passive income as a part-time student but all of my hard-earned money only came from my phone. How it sounds cool right? I can earn whenever I want unless I'm not online.

3) Routine

Ordinary Student

If BCH is not existing in my life, I will rather waste my time at browsing at social media and watching my favorite K-Pop music videos on television. So in the end, my time became wasted since it's not profitable. I still do it, but the main thing is I will not be productive if I will focus to do those things. Actually, more teenagers like me often browsing TikTok, binge-watching their favorite Korean Drama, playing Mobile Legends or any leisure activities that they spent but they will not earn money.

Me Being a BCH user

Personally, I rather want to spend my time to interact with my virtual friends on rather than messaging my friends on Facebook or let's say on real world. I still do it but it became less when I discovered BCH. I want because no users will criticize or modifies what are you trying to say something but I'm sad that there were still spammers roaming at the inside.

In terms of, I madly want to write and read an article every single day rather than wasting my time in reading on Wattpad or any apps that will not pay my efforts.

When it comes how I'm doing my everyday life using BCH, I already made an article about that and here is the link. That article was already published one month ago and I can still remember that I'm glad when I got few upvotes on that.


On the contrary, BCH is my gate for earning money from my hobby just like what I said on my past article. I still couldn't believe that I earned Bitcoin Cash even I'm at home and I don't need to go outside just to earn. Maybe they didn't know yet this site but I most likely promoting it on my stories but unfortunately, they are not interested. That's the harsh truth so I have no choice but to feel pity for them. It's their lost nevertheless. Thank you for reading.


Thank you for 103 subscribers. Here is my little token for you:

I'm also on and boringwriter is my username if you want to add me. Thank you again for reading.

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Written by   106
1 week ago
Topics: Review
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