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Fallacy - Chapter 2

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Topics: Fiction, Story

Unknown to Leia, Jack Garlan on the other hand was very curious as to who this Benjamin Archibald is, after all he became his fiercest rival in a short amount of time, a feat not easily accomplished in their field. He is quite interested to get to know this very elusive person. He had his secretary book an appointment but all he got is his top architect, Leia Larombe, Carlson Larombe’s daughter from when he was still young. Martina Larombe, Carlson’s wife although beautiful cannot have children, so Carlson was given free reign in acknowledging Leia but of course, with restrictions. Martina, although tolerant of Leia, is very clear that she is not her daughter and everyone in society knows it. Hence acceptance of Leia in society is only at best, half in half.

“So, where is this boss of yours?” Jack asked Leia.

“He’s a very busy man, sir”, Leia answered him. “Aside from Ben Archi, he has other businesses, mostly outside of the country. I don’t even know where he is half the time.” she smiled. “He’s rarely ever here and he has given me authority over any transactions for Ben Archi. He knows I’m good and trusts me to do my job.”

“Is that so?” Jack said.

Leia simply nodded. “Anyways, what can I do for you?” It was Leia’s turn to ask. “I’m sure you didn’t make an appointment to make small talk?”

Jack regarded her for a moment and said, “Well, I really just wanted to meet your boss and finally get to know my best rival.”

Leia smiled and thought, “You’ve already met her.” She said instead, “Oh sir, your firm is still the best and the biggest in our field. We are merely a small company trying to do business.”

“You are too modest.”

Leia laughed. “Not at all sir,” she said. “Just being honest. Since we are here, let’s have lunch. I was given the go signal, to treat you to lunch.” she said, smiling sweetly.

“Well, my dear,” Jack said. “I will not say no to a free lunch.”

Leia smiled and motioned for the waiter. They gave their orders to the waiter and while waiting to be served, Leia said, “So, sir. I am also free to answer all your queries about Ben Archi, did you want to know something about us?”

“Nah, I already know about your firm.” he said. “I really wanted to get to know your boss. Find out his secret,” Jack said, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Secret? What secret?” Leia asked him.

“How he got so far, so fast, without anybody getting to know him,” he said. “Well, except for you maybe.”

Leia had to laugh at that. She was ready for these kinds of questions. “As I said, he’s very busy,” she started. “He’s almost always out of the country and he communicates with me thru email when he’s out of the country.” she continued. “He believes in me and trusts me to do right for the company. I think so far, I’ve done a good job and he has nothing to worry about.” she completed.

Jack nodded. “I agree, you are indeed doing a good job.

“Yes sir,” she continued, “You know it sir.” And then she played her ace. “You know very well my status. And Mr. Archibald’s absence in the country is to my advantage. I have no reason to convince him to spend time here. For now, he’s busy with his stuff abroad. He doesn’t have time for my personal drama, you know” she continued. “He saw me for my talents, my abilities. I know I have proven myself to him, without the shadow of my father over me. If and when he decides to stay here and finally find out all that garbage. I’m hoping I have proven myself enough that it wouldn’t be something he would even take a second look upon.” she ended her tirade.

Jack nodded, looking like he finally understood. “I guess I know where Ben Architecture’s success comes from.” He said. “It’s actually from you and not from him. Why didn’t you apply at my firm before?”

“Actually, I did,” she countered. “But your HR manager didn’t think I was good enough for your firm.”

“What!?” he was shocked. “I would have to talk to Gerard about that.”

“You do that sir.” she said.

Their order finally arrived and they ate in comfortable silence. At the end of their meal, Jack extended his hand, “Well, Ms. Larombe. It has been quite a revealing afternoon.”

“Nice to meet you too Mr. Garlan,” she accepted his hand.

~To Be Continued ~


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Written by   16
1 month ago
Topics: Fiction, Story
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