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People are losing humanity

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1 year ago

Today one man don't care another one.They all time thinh about his own profit.For his profit, he agree to do any work for his own profit.
If he need to kill one je agree to kill him.Also he agrrw to do any bad work for this.By ding this he is losing his humanity.He is a bad site for a socity. Also for country and his family.
If he give a view to ancient, we can see that people are helping one another in their work.But now days one does not help another.He think that if he help him he will more respectful people on socity.So he did not help him.But we should help one another in work.By yhis we can make a big socity.
Also by over confidence  people are losing humanity.They think that he can do this work alone.But when he go to do work he do wrong this work. If one know about this he kill him or do others work.
By dowry system people are losing humanity. After marriend husbend want money from his wife.If wife fail to give this  husband kill him or order to go out from his for forever.

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Inhuman acts are more and more on the increase

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1 year ago