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1 month ago

The school year has just ended. What did I achieve by the way? Nothing much. This college thing is getting boring. I didn't even choose this course. Accountancy? What should I do with those worksheets? I didn't even understand any of those nonsense accounting terms and stuff! Duh, if not for my mom, I wouldn't even bother going to school if she wouldn't allow me to have my own choice. Computer related courses or fine arts would be much acceptable. I have no choice, I don't earn the money. I'll just do it for the sake of my future.

It's late afternoon and Clint hasn't seen me. I would appreciate a single text asking if I'm okay, tho, but none. He's been hooked up with his computer games again. Clint is turning into a nonsense boyfriend. I feel like I don't have one. He changed a lot since he met new friends in the gaming world. Clint used to be a good guy, simple, caring and sweet. Now, he just kept on sitting all day on his chair in front of his computer. He seems to have forgotten the real world, his real friends and me. I don't care what he wanted to do with his life anyway, I still have a lot of friends and would look for those who could keep me company.

My phone beeped while I'm getting myself ready for tonight's gig. Jen, my classmate from highschool is sending me her friend's number. She won't be able to make it tonight and she wanted me to go and meet her friend. What? Seriously? I don't even know who her friends are! Why would I go out with someone I haven't met before? No way, I'm just gonna go back to bed! 🙄 Not that desperate to be with someone just because I'm upset with my boyfriend.

9:15 p.m. on my phone, some unknown number is calling. "Hello?"...

"Hi, I'm Dobie, Jen's friend. Aren't you coming for the gig? She told me she won't be able to make it and reserved a table for you."

"Uhmm" I don't know what to say. This guy's voice... Arghh "Sorry but.."

"I bet you're worried about seeing me, don't worry you're safe with me. Jen entrusted you to me and I wouldn't break our friendship, you know.. I mean, we need some audience so let me invite you to watch our gig, I'll wait for you if you say yes."

Okay then, sounds good to meet new friend, why not.." Okay, I'll come."

"Great see you then." .. call ended.

Why did I say yes? Hmm.. That guy's voice sounded interesting.

The waiter guided me to the front seat near the stage. Honestly, it's my first time watching this metal gig thing. I was shocked, I thought I was going to watch an acoustic gig, but this is metal rock, dude.. I hate it. It's too noisy, I just don't appreciate a song that's more on shouting. 😬 I just enjoyed the free drink while waiting for Dobie. What's taking him so long?

I'm about to leave when the last song ended and I'm kind of getting pissed off for waiting too long of whoever that guy I'm going to meet tonight. I bet he's not coming. 😒 So, I stood and a guy hurriedly going down from the stage came to me.

"Hi, sorry to keep you waiting. I bet you didn't enjoy the song, I guess I'll just take you home"

Oh! He was the vocalist. Such a shame, he saw my crumpled face all along. Lol! 😅

The acoustic band went up the stage and started playing. I looked up. "The acoustics have just started 😁. Nevermind your monster voice, nice to meet you Dob, my name's Debbie."

He laughed in surprise. "What a coincidence, are we meant to be? Dobie, Debbie.. wow!" He had that big smile of amazement.

Dobie is not that bad company. I enjoyed talking to him. He's a great joker I was laughing the whole time. After the last bottle of beer, he sent me home.

That was the first time I made friends with a guy. I had never had any guy friends because of Clint. Not that he didn't want me to but my attention was fully focused on him that I forgot to meet new friends.

Clint, he seemed to have really forgotten me. No calls or text since the other day. I hate this guy already. He's taking me for granted. 😕

It's almost 3:00 o'clock, and I'm in my room scrolling on my phone when Dobie's name appeared.

D: Hey! wazzup? wanna go out for a ride? 😁

Me: Bored here, naah you're girlfriend might want to ride with you 😜

D: Nope, she hasn't found her way to my heart yet... 😂

Me: 🤣 ew.. too corny..

D: Be there in 10 minutes.

Exactly 10 minutes, he arrived at my doorstep. We strolled around the city and this guy felt like a celebrity. He had friends and waves at girls in every place that we pass through.

I'm not an outgoing person. Most of the time, I lock up myself in my room or go out at night in one place with the same person and never gone to places around the city. How poor of me to have few friends. 😅

I was amazed, I never knew there are wonderful places to go around. If not for Dobie, I wouldn't be able to see these nice places even if it's inside the city.

I enjoyed his company a lot. He is totally fun to be with. He makes me smile and he's a total gentleman.

We were together the whole summer break. We became close friends and I started feeling comfortable sharing my personal life with him. He knew about Clint, still he kept coming to my house to ask me to go out with him. We became really good friends.

Dobie started to confess about his girlfriend, too. Her name's Venus. Venus is a year older than him. He's two years older than me. About Venus, she's a more serious type according to him. She doesn't like going out. She had focused on her studies and doesn't give any moral support to Dob's metal rock thingy. 😅 He respected that but that didn't stop him from doing what he liked.

Yes, we both have partners, some might think it's awkward but we like each other's company and besides we're just friends.

Since we became good friends, Dobie suddenly pops out from my doorstep bringing me stuffs. Chocolates, flowers and every Sunday, he comes to invite me to go to church. My girl cousins admired him a lot for being a sweet friend. He even give them gifts, too. Sometimes they would tell me to break up with Clint and be with Dob but we're really just friends.

He also got used to kissing me on the forehead before leaving. And he asks for a kiss on his cheeks in return. We got used to this set up as a sign of greetings and goodbye. Any girl would really fall for his gestures but it just won't work on me.

We were back in school and Dob comes to my house on the first day. He offered me a ride going to school. Then since that day, he comes everyday to send me to school. My classmates wondered if Clint and I are still together since another guy is already taking care of me.

Clint never had any idea about it. He never had time to check on me. It's as if he broke up with me long ago. I tried checking on him several times before but he's just so into his game. I wouldn't waste a heartbreak on him but deep inside I was hurting so bad. 💔

One day, Dob told me he had a new girlfriend, but he didn't break up with Venus. She's still the 1st and last according to him. I didn't care about his decisions. He even showed me a monthsary greeting card from his new girl, Raine. We laughed over it because she had a few off grammars and it was way too cheesy. Ew 😂

He spends most of his free time at my house after school. We talk and eat and sing. Sometimes he would just like to talk about different things, his experiences in life, about his sisters and the things he wanted to do.

I can see that Dobie is a smart guy. He's neat and brainy. He is very friendly, no doubt he's gaining a lot of friends everywhere. Everybody knows him.

It's a weekend and Dob and Jen decided to invite me to go to Raine's place. They said Raine brought green mangoes from their farm and Dob knows I love green mangoes. I haven't met Raine so it's a perfect time for us to finally see each other.

Dob didn't bring his bike the way he usually does, so the three of us had to ride a cab.

Raine's place is great. She had a few girlfriends around. She's petite, a sweet cheerful girl, a little younger than me. We had a few chats and then Dobie sat beside her. Her friends took out the mangoes and handed it to me and Jen.

I was speechless when one of Raine's friend handed me the knife, it's a silent signal telling me to peel the mangoes. What? 😶 I took it and went to the sink to start peeling while they're sitting around the table chatting.

Jen comes to help. Being a newbie in that circle, I am visitor and I think it's inappropriate for them to treat me like that. I was so silently pissed off. Out of confusion to what they did, I accidentally cut my finger. It bled a lot. Jen panicked and called Dob as he's the nursing student.

Dob hurriedly ran to me and washed my hands.

"Hey, you don't have to do that, I'm old enough to handle this, duh!" I took my hand out of his hands.

"Let me do it for you. You're so reckless." He wiped my hands and took a band aid from his sling bag. He always brings alcohol and band aid 'coz sometimes he gets wounded by broken guitar strings.

Jen took all the peeled mangoes outside where the group were seated. Dobie continued checking my hands and kissed them like how you treat wounded kids.

"Stop it!" I smiled "I'm not a kid, and don't do it while you're girlfriend's around, she might misinterpret our actions. "

We went back together outside. He sits beside Raine and we talked. It was fun having casual conversations with them. But her friends are quite awkward to talk with. I don't know if they like me or they' re making fun of me because they felt something is off from the way Dob treats me.

Jen decides to go ahead. I stood and said, "I should go ahead, too." I can't stand staying with this group and distort his time for his girlfriend. I should not be here in the first place.

Dobie stood and comes to me. "Are you sure you're okay to go home alone?" He looks at Jen and says. "Take care of her."

I was really getting more annoyed inside. "Dude, I can go home with my feet. You don't have to bother Jen for that." I tried to smile but I can sense it as a bitter smile than a joke. 😒

He kissed me on the forehead like he usually does but I didn't kiss him back to show some respect to Raine. I don't want her to get jealous. Everybody around already thinks he's my boyfriend and I don't want to break a relationship with such actions.

"I'll see you later, Deb"..

I jokingly answered "I'll lock the door so you can't come in" and let out a loud laugh. 😂

Jen and I had separated our ways outside the subdivision.

Dobie came right after to my house but I told my cousin to tell him I was not yet home. I watched him secretly from my window.

I had an intense feeling earlier. It felt like jealousy but I don't want to speculate on my own feelings. I strongly believe it's no big deal.

I saw him calling on his phone. He's trying to call me. I don't want to answer him. Today, I felt something really different. But really, it's hard to tell. I never forgot about Clint. He's still my boyfriend even if he ignored me for the past months. We haven't broke up so he's still my boyfriend and I'm not a cheater and never will be.

Why am I talking about cheating? I'm not falling for him. Or am I? 🙄


D: "Where are you, I'm worried!"

"Pick up the phone, please.."

Me: "Hey! I'm with friends don't worry about me".

D: "Where are you, I'll just get my bike.. fetch and take you home?"

Me: "No, thanks! Clint's gonna come, he'll take me home."

D: k, dude. take care I'll just head home

Me: tc 😊

Clint has never fetched or sent me anywhere. 😔 I guess it's better to take a little rest this time. My mind is full of confusions..

I don't want this feelings to grow but it's starting to come out. I seemed to enjoy Dobie's sweet gestures. I got used to the way he cares for me which Clint has never done to me. He is cheerful, full of humor and most of all affectionate. And I hate that I'm getting attached.

It's been a month. Dobie never showed up anymore. Things went back to where I am before. Same routine everyday. Dobie might be busy with Raine or maybe Venus knew about them already and tied him up in a tree. 😂. Whatever Venus did to him serves him right 😁.

He deserves it for being a cheater. Lol! 😂 Even if I didn't care, I still don't tolerate this kind of actions. I mean we're friends but that doesn't mean I'm happy with what he is doing with girls. I'm a girl, I know how it feels like to be cheated.

But honestly, I've missed him so bad. Maybe I'm starting to have feelings for him but I'm trying to stop myself. I can't be one of his girls. I don't want to be one of his collections. 😒 Though, he treats me differently, still that doesn't differentiate me from them. I will just become one of them and he'll be cheating over and over.

Ugh! I didn't realize I've been wiping this table for long. Maybe I have spent too much time thinking of that nonsense. My cousins went out with their boyfriends and they left so much mess on the table.

The door suddenly opens. I was scared when a mascot showed up. I'm about to run and it chased me. It caught me and I started to scream and slapped it's face.

It took of the mascot's head and I was shocked to see Dobie. He was laughing so hard seeing my hysterical reaction.

We both laughed. I slapped him so hard on the shoulder for scaring me.

He suddenly hugged me tight. 😍🥰

I hugged him back. I missed him so much.

"I'm sorry I wasn't able to say goodbye. I had to take the slot for internship. It's an opportunity and I had to grab it"

Someone didn't take the slot and he was offered to take it..

"Why would you ask for an apology? Dude, I don't care whatever you do with your life. Duh!" 🙄

"The way you hug me, it's telling me how much you missed me 😝"

I gave him another slap on the shoulder. But he caught my hand and kissed me. My eyes grew wide. I'm shocked and I don't know how to take it.

It was warm and long and I would love to kiss him back but moral sense has awaken me. I have a boyfriend. He has two girlfriends.. No!

I pushed him away. I acted as if I got mad and told him to go home.

He placed the goodies and a few souvenirs on the table. He brought them from where he attended his internship. Then left the house without a word.

I woke up late. Had a hard time sleeping last night because of what he did.

I was a little scared to risk my feelings. I'm pretty sure I'm falling for this guy. But it doesn't remove the fact that he is going to cheat again and I will be part of it. Argghh! Why did I get attached?! 😭


D: I'm sorry I kissed you..

I don't know what to say..


D: I'm falling for you.. I want you to be my girl..

Me: Are you crazy?? 😡 You already have two girlfriends.. Please don't add me up to the queue.. I'm your friend. We're friends Dob.. Spare me..

D: I can leave both of them for you..

Me: I have Clint, are you dumb?

D: you have him but is he around? you're just like drowning yourself in a puddle. 😒 Deb I'm here..and will always be with you.. always..

No doubt this guy has strong convincing powers. That's why girls easily gets trapped.

I told my cousin and she showed me their conversation from two days ago..

D: is there any chance I could court you?

Cuz: what? Dob, you're with my cousin, are you nuts?!

D: I'm serious, don't worry about her.. we're just friends

Cuz: I'm gonna show this message to her.

D: sure!

He's been texting her just two days before he arrived from the internship. I remembered he asked for my cousins number once which I didn't refuse to give since they also have become friends.

But seeing this conversation makes me realize he is just making us a multiple choice. Venus, Raine, my cousin and including me! 😡 😭 Or worse, there are more other girls.

Me: Stop it Dob, you can't fool me the way you did to your girlfriends..

D: Please give me a chance 😭

Me: Just find someone else. Not me, not my cousin! Please stop coming into my house.

D: I'm sorry Debbie. I love you, I mean it. 😢

I can't be sure with my feelings anymore. It suddenly faded slowly, though I still have the thought that maybe I was really special because of how he acted in front of me. And the gifts he brought me which he never did to Raine. The times he stayed longer with me than Raine. But it's a no! A cheater is always a cheater.

Once he came to offer me a ride but I refused.

"I know you're mad, I know you can't forgive me that easily but at least give me a hug"

I stopped him from hugging me.

"Please Deb, I'm leaving tomorrow for the States. I want to hug you one last time"

I hugged him without a word. Somehow, I felt a little pinch in the chest. I got attached and I was hurt so bad. He kissed me on the forehead just like the usual. Then he left after he whispered "I love you so much, I'll come back for you."

I was left speechless with my tears falling from my eyes.

Author's Note:

Sorry, I think I went too far 😂. I don't know how to cut this story into parts so I just continued writing. I hope you don't get bored reading this. 😘

Comment down your thoughts on this. 😊

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Written by   121
1 month ago
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