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The Story of What Lead Me to BCH and Its Perfect Match

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5 months ago

my love for literature & music

I have always dedicated myself to writing since I was in high school. Not the best writer you can see but I believe in my ability so I never thought of giving up.

My write ups were written in notebooks. Sometimes I become a poet or a story teller. My friends love my poetries. I was fond of reading books. And also love to sing so I started writing songs, too.

My notebooks were so dear to me and I kept them like treasures. One day a friend borrowed it, the next day she apologized for losing it. I didn't know how to react. I just kept quiet but deep inside I was full of regrets for trusting one clumsy person.

When I joined a band they let me take out all my originally written songs. A bandmate who was amazingly good with instruments gave great melodies to my lyrics. We were supposed to be playing it but he has to leave the town after graduation and forgot to give back my song compilations. Now, I'm really having some trust issues.

The love of literature inspired me to write and express my thoughts. In fact several articles written by me were published in our school papers in elementary and high school. It gives me a little hint of pride and happiness inside. 😊 I kept those school papers but in this house, old stuffs doesn't have any value especially to my father. They all went to the dirty kitchen. It was sad but since I only come home on weekends, no matter how I try to keep all those important things, they will always find it and will assume those are all garbage. 😢 But I kept believing that this is a talent and I know I'm gonna make something big out of it someday.

I started searching online

I had my first laptop after I graduated. It was actually my aunts but eventually she gave it to me. I used it to write some stories and I was happy because it's easier and faster in typing the words.

When I had my first job, it was boring. Some employees would enjoy playing games after their task. I was quite shy as a new employee and afraid I might get caught by clients playing on working hours so I busy myself looking for earning websites.

Some co workers would enjoy their social media accounts but for me, I hate seeing Facebook rants and harsh comments so I minimized browsing FB.

Then I thought maybe it's nice if I could find a website where I can get paid to write anything. Instead of scrolling on my social media account or doing hate posts, why not find somewhere I could make money with expressing how I feel.

A friend introduced me to one. I focused on it and indeed it's different from other sites. It was actually an effortless website. You just need to write anything as long it's written in English and originally written by you. You need to interact to earn more.

I got attached and fell inlove with the website. There's good money in getting angry or sad or whatever I felt and write in the platform. I wrote long stories, poems as if I went back to my highschool days. It felt like I had a bestfriend in it. I knew different people and we became virtual friends. Until plagiarism and fraud ruined everything. The site slowed down its payment system but I kept on writing because of the other writers who are there to support and give their advices in the comment section. Until one day, it gave up and finally shutdown. All the things I wrote is nowhere to be found.

I found several platforms with the same concept but that one was really different. However, I never gave up until Bitcoin was born. I joined free mining sites, made money out of it. I still make money with other writing platforms, though.

I focused on BTC

Bitcoin is different but another way to make extra money online. Since writing sites were getting slow, I started focusing on BTC. I tried telling my friends but they laughed at me. Until other cryptocurrencies were born. A lot of people started getting intrigued and interested. Then later on the cryptocurrency became part of the market.

Cryptocurrency has been accepted in buying and paying online. Then it finally became a big part of the market circulation. It actually became better than bank transfers and payment transactions.

Searching for paid to write with cryptocurrency

I missed writing and I couldn't help myself from searching for paid to write platforms. I thought maybe, there's one that could offer cryptocurrency as payment. It was a long process for me.

Search is Over with BCH and Read.Cash

So it started with just a referral link. A lot of people has been posting referral links and I never get tired to search and try them.

I got curious with and it pays Bitcoincash. I don't even understand what a BCH is. I only knew and used two cryptocurrencies which is BTC and ETH. But those two are just too hard to get these days because of the rapid growth of its values.

Someone brought me here with a referral link. At first I was hesitant and I find it difficult to establish my account and get subscribers. I didn't mind the number of followers I could get. I only knew, I want to write but getting a good pay from it is a bonus.

BCH is way too difficult for me to understand, even the other cryptocurrencies. They're hard to explain but the best thing about it is that it's very easy to use as payment option. No high fees and arrives in minutes in your wallet. Pretty convenient.

For 10 months of knowing and using and Bitcoin cash together, I fell inlove with it. They are a perfect match.

I was so thankful to the person who introduced me to this unique platform. Paying with BCH is very unusual and I never found any other sites that do the same. Then for the 10 months that I have used, even if I stopped for a while for some health reasons, Mr. Random Rewarder still remembered and never forget to tip my articles. Then I realized I was earning better with BCH than any other cryptocurrencies.

For how many years that I have used Bitcoin and Etherium, I never earned as much as what I get with BCH now. That is because of Read.Cash. I was able to pay all my bills just by writing anything. I can get extra and buy my kids school stuffs and toys.

So if I try to calculate my earnings I would say, I went really far with BCH compared to BTC. I may have not reach the 1 BCH goal, I'm not sure if I did but what really matters is that I have seen what I have earned by the tokens I bought with it.

Here are some of it.

Some of my earnings were for our household stuff and food.

Now, I could tell that cryptocurrencies are real. This is not a joke that you laugh about. I'm just happy to learn about and BCH. I've got new virtual best friends with these two. 😍😍

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Written by   118
5 months ago
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Yieee. Yung toy keyboard 😍😍

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5 months ago

Haha! Kunyari sa anak ko pero ako yung naglalaro.. Haha!

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5 months ago

Same here sis. It solved some of my financial problem. Its easy to withdraw and doesn't take long to arrive in our wallets and to our hands. ❣️

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5 months ago