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Liquor and the Memories

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Written by Β Β 122
2 months ago
Topics: Topic, Experience

Have you read @Jeaneth "How Strong Is Your Alcohol Tolerance?" ? I bet many of us can relate to her alcohol experience. As I was reading her article, it made me remember the old days where I used to be the toughest among the girls when it comes to drinking. Lol! Nope! I'm not a drunkard but I used to love alcohol. It has become part of my growing years and I didn't regret the happy, sad and wild moments I had. That was a total fun for me.

First Taste of Alcohol

So, let's talk about alcohol tolerance. As for me, I can say that I have a very high alcohol tolerance compared to my other girl cousins. My first taste of beer was when I was like 11? I can't really recall what age I was that time but I know I was still very young. My aunt (mom's sister-in-law) brought me to a family gathering and they were drinking bear. She handed me a glass of beer and because I'm curious, I drank it. Nothing happened to me and I liked the taste of it 'coz it's cold, no bitter aftertaste as I expected. That time the most popular beer was Beer na Beer Pale Pilsen.

During our dinner time, my father asked me if I drank beer and my eyes grew wide as I never told anyone about that. My father is doing psywar against me. He looked at his gold watch and said, "I saw it in my watch, you drank beer!" in a low but loud tone, an authoritative one. I choked for a while but told him that aunt gave it to me and told me to drink it. He then started to say things about drinking alcohol.

Then I was 13 when my cousin who is the eldest son of my aunt (the one who gave me beer) gave me a glass of Coke with Tanduay Rhum in it. We are like an extended family in one roof. We live with our aunt (mom's elder sister) who owns the house and we are cousins of different age groups. It was so much fun to be with them. The elder cousins were having a drinking session and the girls were there also and I was the youngest of that batch. I was there to eat their "pulutan" and then my cousin said "those who will eat will also drink". He handed me the glass and I drank it without hesitation. It taste like coke with dark chocolate in it. I didn't feel the heat of the alcohol. He was shocked and told me not to consume everything in the glass as he was just joking. But too late, I already did 😁. He then told me to get inside the room and sleep.

At 13 years old I was already in first year high school. During the time, fruit punches is a trend. My youngest aunt who is just a few years ahead of our elder cousins lead fruit punch parties at home. Ofcourse with the consent of our parents, and we are sure to be safe because it's just us, no outsiders and it's just for fun. Fruit punch is a mixture of fruits and drinks either alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Usually fruit juices like orange, apple, pineapple, etc. is most commonly mixed with gin for alcoholic fruit punch. She iniates the mixing and it tasted really good. Not too much gin since we are all young people in that household.

This is how it looks like as my aunt prepare before. Mixture of Ginebra San Miguel and Del Monte fruit juice with fruit bits. Also served during special occasions. Photo taken from google for illustration/sample purposes.

As my first year high school is about to end, the market opened a pre mixed fruit punch to the public. You can buy this in different flavors at the price of Php 50.00 , that's around $1. So, there's fruit punch in a bottle and my teacher allowed us to bring one bottle on our farewell party. She was there with us to make sure of our safety.

That's when my alcohol days started.

Liquors I've Tried And Their Alcohol Content

Let's start with San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen. It's my first taste of alcohol and we call it the beer for the oldies. 😜 Lol! Since up to this time it's the all time favorite of the senior citizens. It has 5% alcohol content with a slight bittersweet taste. Now, it taste all bitter to me but still it's one of the best beers in the Philippines.

Tanduay Rhum, 5 Years has 40% alcohol and has a tagline or slogan "habang tumatagal, lalong sumasarap", it's English slogan says "keeps pouring on the good times. Based on experience, it's true. It's taste keeps getting better over time. And over the years it has created so many different variations and so far I have tried almost all of it. Then the new generations created variety of mixes and flavors like:

Nestea + T5 = Nestan

Condensed milk+ T5 (+milo or 3in1 coffee) = Boracay

T5 + lime juice = Tandulime

T5 + pineapple juice + condensed milk = pinacolada

.... and many more..

This is actually my father's favorite. He can drink this alone or with company. I would say it's the best selling rhum and it's the easiest to find. I have so many memories with Tanduay. Every year, concerts are held in our place sponsored by T5 (short for Tanduay 5 years) and San Miguel, beer company. The lightest variety of T5 which I have tasted is Tanduay ice with 5% alcohol content and the strongest one I've tried so far is Tanduay extra strong containing 100 proof or 50% alcohol per volume.

T-ice taste like flavored soda with a bitter aftertaste. Best as ladies drink for it's sweet and mild hint of alcohol. Photo taken from google.

When I graduated in college I had a little freedom like, I can already go out with friends and come home early... early morning πŸ˜‚. I also drink in my high school and college years with few close friends. The ones my parents knew and trust. My time is limited not because my parents were strict but I set my own limitations since I'm afraid of troubles. And I was known to be a "madre" (nun) because they say I behave like a nun. I don't want to ruin that reputation as I have gained respect from my schoolmates because of such behavior.

I sometimes go out and drink during my college days with friends or with cousins but the most memorable times with T5 was after college graduation. Those were the times when we slept on bars or even sidewalks. πŸ˜… I was able to drink T5 without ice. We go out almost every night. Get drunk 'till morning and drink again the next night. We go on bar hoppings. This time, I'm with another group of friends. Not the ones my parents knew. I was judged by people in our block but I didn' t care anymore. I thought this is my life and I have hidden the dark side of me for a long time. I just want to have fun and let out the other side of me. Friends, I don't have so many friends and it's time for me to meet new people and explore the world. Char! πŸ˜‚

The most unforgetable drink I had with Tanduay was the Extra Strong. It was me, my boyfie (now my husband), and his bestfriend. We drank all the 700 mL and I never knew I was pregnant 😱🀭. By the time I knew, I was so scared I got anxious. But thank God baby boy came out healthy.

Strong alcohol that goes straight to your nose, almost like muriatic acid but with a light bittersweet taste. It's tastier than the original but stronger alcohol aroma. Photo taken from google.

Next one is the famous Red Horse Beer which is the first extra strong beer with 6.9% alcohol content. My memories are pouring out with RH along with T5. This is actually the duo every time we go out. Beer is a bit milder than rum or gin and it's kind of more expensive since you'll have to buy more bottles if you want to get drunk. Unlike T5, you can save money since 1 to 2 bottles is enough to make you dizzy. While with beer, it will make you fat. Most beer drinkers get a "beer belly", a blubby big tummy. You'll need more bottle of beer to meet your satisfaction and it means taking out more money. Before, we practice pass-the-hat so we can afford to buy cases of beer, that's the time I was still applying for a job. Now that we are all working, we can't even afford to buy one case. 🀣

During Octoberfests, we are always in front of the stage to watch and jam with our favorite band. Along with the drinks, we jump and join the crowd go wild as we sing the best songs we usually listen to during drinking sessions. I have never felt so much fun in my entire life. Along with drinks and music, it relaxes my mind. It makes me forget the troubles I have in my heart and mind.

Before I met my husband, I was so heartbroken πŸ’”. Confused and feeling lost. The circle of friends I was with at that time were all broken hearted, including my hubby. Each one of us has our own personal issues at home and with past relationships. Redhorse has kept us all together. The company of liquor and good friends is extraordinary.

Flashback to my younger version, I already drink RH. We get free ladies' drink at a disco bar every Thursday and Saturday as it was set as Ladies' night. We dance and drink and I never get drunk, I don't know why. My cousins wondered and they thought I'm an expert but I'm not. I never go out with anyone except them.

I remember on my cousins college graduation, I was the youngest of the group and all girls were knocked down by RH. I was the last girl standing and the eldest cousin thought I've been drinking out with somebody else, coz why am I that strong and to think I have consumed 2 liters of beer over night. I really don't know why, maybe I have this high alcohol tolerance.

Among siblings, and being the only girl it's weird that I am stronger than them when it comes to drinking liquor. Maybe I got it from my father who is also a drinker but he's not a drunkard. He can drink plenty of T5 alone without easily pgetting drunk or maybe if he does, he doesn't go wild like the others.

I have so many great memories with RH. We have this favorite resto bar in town. The setting was so comfortable, we have different cottages made from bamboo it looks so native like the traditional "bahay kubo", it's nice 'coz you won't be disturbing other groups, even if the cottages are open, you can have a little privacy with your friends. Then we hop in to other cottages if we see a co-league or friend and then you meet their company and you'll have a good talk.

In a group of friends, naughty ones are always present. It won't be as enjoyable without them. So, when it's closing time in that bar, sometimes, that naughty friend will insert shot glasses or pitchers or ice buckets to the one who brings the biggest bag. It was just for fun and a lot of groups had done the same in that bar but for me, I pity the owner for losing his properties and even if it's a small thing, it's still considered stealing for me. My boyfriend collected four glasses from that bar. πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Lol! And a nice crystal like ice bucket. Some of our friends had shakers. Being the "most righteous" person in the group I told them to stop doing it and return the things, some did but some had kept it as memorabilia. Every time I go to a friends house, up until now and I see those things it makes me smile as I remember those times.

Then the new generations favorite became Emperador Light or "empe" for short. Lighter than T5 you won't feel the alcohol creep up your nose. It only has 27.5% alcohol content. It has a fruity aroma but bitter aftertaste just like T5. From the name itself, it's lighter, the bitterness is not too strong. Still T5 forever 'coz for me it tastes better. Same with Generoso but that one didn' t get the same fame with empe.

After this empe trend, the younger generation of cousins started taking out some tequila. Tequila is a distilled liquor which is usually clear in color and unaged, made from fermented juice of a Mexican plant called agave, usually has 40%-50% alcohol in it.

First tequila I tried was the Mojitos containing 36% alcohol. During my party times, We also have tequila and we choose Mojitos since it has a free shot glass when you buy it. Personally, I'm fascinated with the shot glass and I started buying plenty and collected them.

We also had El Hombre with 40% alcohol. It's stronger than Mojitos, I never liked the taste of it and it gets a burning sensation inside my stomach. Also my nose couldn't take the alcohol in it. But it also has a free shot glass so I buy and collect the glass and gave the bottle to my cousins. 😁

Another newly discovered drink was when I had that classy boss at work. He is into imported drinks like Alfonso, Jack Daniels, Black Label and Red Label which I also tried once or twice before in some random occasions.

It was Christmas party in my workplace and my boss took out this expensive drink called Chivas Regal. It's a type of whisky that contains 40% alcohol but it tasted very lightly for me. It tasted good actually and we had it paired with nachos and cheese sticks. My first time drinking with such a classy man.

Before the party started, we took time to drink in his hotel room with our other officemates. After drinking several shots of chivas I went home to prepare for the night. On my way home, I dropped by a department store I didn't know why. I just went inside and grabbed things and headed straight to the counter. I was a little tipsy and my face felt swollen and I'm sweating. When I was in the counter, I checked my wallet and I only have Php 300 ($6). πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Haha! I dropped all the items, left the store and headed straight home.

There are other type of liquors I have tried like San Mig Light with 5% alcohol. Usually served during office parties. It has a good less bitter taste than any other beer.

This is the classic San Mig Light

San Mig Light comes with two flavors, the San Mig Apple and San Mig Lemon.

Flavored San Mig Light

Lemon is my favorite since I felt the apple has a bitter after taste. I can finish as many buckets with this beer. Flavored beer is one of the ladies favorite drink since it has a mild fruity taste.

Even children can drink it but of course it's prohibited and bad for children. Please do look after your kids and do not display it on tables they can reach.

Colt 45, a malt liquor has 5.6% and Gold Eagle beer with 4.55%. They are like chance passengers. We buy them when RH or Pilsen are not available. But they both taste great, too.

This one was the toughest of all, it knocked me down. Gilbeys Gin which has only 37.5% alcohol. It has much lesser content than the first ones mentioned. The reason I blacked out is because I have had too much drink. From T5, to RH, mixed with different juices and beers then last shot was this one. Then it was as if I'm in a dream I can't go out. Then I woke up asking everybody what happened. I have flash memories but I couldn't believe what I did. When my friends told me what happened, everything I did and said, I never took off my sun glasses the next morning out of embarrassment. After that incident, I never asked for a glass of Gilbeys gin anymore. πŸ˜‚

The Bar is also a type of gin containing 37.5% alcohol. Girls love to drink The Bar 'coz it's flavored. Of course it started with a plain gin but over time, they improved their product and made different varieties to sell out in the market.

My husband and I both love alcoholic drinks and one time he tried The Bar and drink it all alone. He gave me 2-3 shots then I refused because I can't take the alcohol creeping up my nose anymore. I told him not to consume everything but he did. I was so pissed off that I went to bed early and left him to look after the kid so that he will drink in moderation. When I happen to wake up at 2:00 a.m. I saw him sleeping and the baby 's also peacefully sleeping already. His face was too distorted I took a picture of him and labelled it with "The Bar" then set it as screen wallpaper. Lol! The next day, the phone was screen mirrored to the TV and everybody saw his drunk face on the big screen. 🀣🀣🀣

Antonov Vodka has 40% and I made it as chaser for T5 because it tastes like soda with a hint of alcohol. Another brand is the Smirnoff Vodka with 30%-50% where you feel like sipping sprite.

I've also had some wine during special occasions such as Carlo Rossi, May, Chamdor, Franzia, DoΓ±a Elena and Novellino. Before we only buy wines on Christmas and New Year, but now that I can't drink strong alcohol content, I was allowed to drink a glass of wine if I happen to crave for some alcohol.

We also have the cheapest and most affordable chinese wine called Vino Kulafu in which I have known as the wine of the villagers. But this is medicinal as the elders say because it has 12 botanical herb ingredient. It relieves you from stress and it's really beneficial due to its herb contents. Only it tastes like fresh root. πŸ˜‚

Soju is a Korean liquor which usually has 25% but now lowered at 14%. It suddenly became a trend in the Philippines because of Kpop and korean dramas that influenced our fellow Filipinos. This is the new favorite of the town.

Now that I'm not fond of alcoholic drinks anymore, my husband would buy and stock some GSM Blue Light Gin. Since the pandemic started we never go out to drink. We store GSM Blue both plain and flavored. But since I got sick, I never had liquor. I was able to take the last shot of GSM last November. It has 32.5% alcohol content but it's alcohol aroma is tolerable. It even smells good, actually.

Local liquors such as "Tuba" and "Lambanog" or known as coconut wine are great drinks, too. They are sold in jars for only Php 5. It's made from fermented coconut juice and taste like sweet vinegar. Sometimes they mix tuba with milk and milo or cocoa and they call it "kuter". It has a sweet taste and it's like the cheaper version of boracay.

Tuba is red or orange in color while the lambanog is white or clear as water. Lambanog became very famous that they are put into nice looking wine bottles to sell in the supermarkets. I never drank lambanog anymore since I heard issues of poisoning.

There are so many different alcoholic drinks to mention. Those on the above list gave me the best memories of my younger days and even upto present.

All of my experiences even if it involves liquor, it didn't bring trouble to my life. I have set my limitations and it's a good strategy to avoid getting addicted or alcohol dependent. As a drinker, you'll have to be responsible enough to drink. Never ever forget to leave enough strength to go home.

There are tendencies that liquor can transform a person into something else. It can transform you into a genius, a comedian, sleeping beauty, a singer or dancer, a cry baby, a boxer or worst a monster 😁. I have been into different situations with it but thank God it has somehow gave me good memories with my friends and relatives. The effect can either be negative or positive depending on how you handle yourself.

I have seen some of my co leagues turn into something very different from the normal personality whenever they get drunk. Even my family and friends. Liquor changes a person's behavior.

As for me, my alcohol tolerance is high and it is a big help in not putting me into tensions. A lot of incidents happened with drunk people, accidents caused by getting drunk. As an individual, you will know how much is your limit and as soon as you reach it. Stop!

Drinking alcoholic beverages is a responsibility that's why younger ages needs proper supervision in consuming it. It's actually not suitable for individuals under 18 years old but as observed, there's a large number from the young generation who are patronizing liquor.

Never ever go beyond your limit. Always remember to drink moderately.

Thanks for reading! Cheers for the good memories.. πŸ₯‚πŸ˜˜


... pictures are randomly taken from google free images for illustration purposes..

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Written by Β Β 122
2 months ago
Topics: Topic, Experience
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2 months ago

Ahh..mao pod siguro.. Karon pako ka realize bia. abi nako liwat rako sa ako papa nga taas kaayo og tolerance.. Bisan nagpiyong na sa chair motubag gihapon sa pangutana.. Hahaha! 🀣 Maila namo kung hubog na jud sya kay inig ask nimo hagok na iyang itubag πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ€£

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Hehe. Kalingaw. Pero di man kaha sys mag wild? Naay uban hubog mg wild oy. Konsimisyon kasuo

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Dli ra.. Sakto ra pd syag disiplina. Haha! Matulog ra og mahubog

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😲 AndamiπŸ˜‚. Tuba natikman ko noon nung nasa Mindanao pa kami. Pero nung umuwi kami dito nasubukan ko San Miguel gin. Diyos ko ang pait! πŸ˜‚. Ngayon never na akong nakatikim maliban sa wine.

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2 months ago

Haha! mapait talaga, ewan ko nga bakit dati hinahanap hanap ko ang taste ng alak.. pero hindi talaga ako lasinggera or what..heheh! sumasabay lang naman ako sa mga kasama ko pero kung wala naman hindi ko rin hahanapin and I will not attempt to drink alone gaya ng ginagawa ng husband ko..heheheh. iba talaga ang lalaki

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Buti naman... Yang vino kulafu natatandaan ko yan laging advertisement sa local radio station samin noon. Yang Tanduay lapad, paglagyan ng mantika o gnagamit pag masakit ang tyan. Pero dito walang tanduay. Tsaka minsan may ilocano na nagbenta ng mantika sa bote walang bumili kasi natutulog mantika dito saminπŸ˜‚.

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Hahah! Ano ba yang mantika jan sa inyo? Palm o mantika ng baboy? Hehee.. Pag malamig ang place natutulog ang mantika..

Ginagamit din namin lapad pang hot compress pag masakit tyan.. Hahaha

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Ang dami mo na natikman 🀣 ako mga 25 na ata edad ko nung natoto uminom

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yup meron pa madami. . maaga ako naintroduce pero hindi ko matatawag na bad influence yung mga nag offer sa akin ng drinks.. hehe.. hindi naman din ako proud na manginginom pero atleast maganda ang naging experience ko sa alcoholic drinks. importante lang talaga may disiplina sa sarili .. . alcohol is not that bad kung e consume lang sya ng tama..

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2 months ago