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Smart Safe: Multisig SmartBCH Wallet

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2 months ago

Hello, today I am happy to announce Smart Safe- a new wallet built for smartBCH. Smart Safe allows anyone to create a highly secure and easy to use multisig (multiple signature) wallet on smartBCH, with built in support for interacting with LNS and MistSwap. Smart Safe also functions as a ERC-20 & ERC-721 wallet, with the ability to show token icons and price in USD of your assets, and display your NFTs.

Smart Safe is a fork of Gnosis Safe, so it is easy for other SmartBCH applications to add support to their dApps. We have not changed any of the contract code, you can verify that contracts are deployed to the same addresses as on other chains, so you can be assured that Smart Safe is well tested for large amounts of capital.

MistSwap App

Full support for MistSwap exists out of the box. You and your team or project can now swap, provide liquidity, and enter in to yield farms using the Smart Safe multisig wallet. This allows for much greater decentralization of projects, and eliminates the issue of one keyholder being a central source of failure.

MistSwap Integration

Your liquidity, farms, and staked MIST are easily auditable and visible in the Assets tab.


In addition, full support for LNS exists out of the box. Businesses, DAOs, and decentralized applications can register and transfer names, as well as set address and text records using Smart Safe. This may be particularly helpful for teams which wish to keep their treasury addresses up to date securely.

Utility Apps

We also provide additional built-in utility apps that seek to make smartBCH easier to use for projects.

  • CSV airdrops of ERC-20 tokens, NFTs, and BCH.

  • Batched Transactions

  • WalletConnect


We believe that tooling to help people and companies to securely manage their assets will help to grow the smartBCH ecosystem. We have a large need for a secure multisig wallet, and expect that many others do too.

Open Source

Smart Safe, like all MistSwap products, is fully open source:

We have contributed some of our changes upstream!

Big shout out to mainnet_pat (@pat) for spearheading the port.

Join the Community

Please join our Discord:


Twitter (for announcements):

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2 months ago
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this looks amazing 🤩 looking forward to diving into this FOSS platform 🙌

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2 months ago