Surely in vain I have kept my heart pure and washed my hands in innocence.​—Ps. 73:13.

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1 year ago

The Levite psalmist began to envy the wicked and arrogant, not because of their badness, but because of their evident prosperity. (Ps. 73:2-9, 11-14) They seemed to have it all​—wealth, a good life, and no anxieties. The Levite needed to see things from Jehovah’s standpoint. On doing so, he was at peace once again, and he was happy. He said: “Besides [Jehovah] I desire nothing on earth.” (Ps. 73:25) Likewise,let us never envy wicked people who seem to prosper. Their happiness is superficial and temporary. (Eccl. 8:12, 13) To envy them is to invite discouragement as well as spiritual ruin. So if you find yourself envying the seeming success of the wicked, do what the Levite did. Heed God’s loving advice, and associate with others who do Jehovah’s will. When Jehovah is your greatest delight, you will find true happiness. And you will stay on the path to “the real life.”​—1 Tim. 6:19

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