Love is enough to sustain any kind of relationship.

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1 year ago

Is love enough for marriage to stand the hard times? Have you heard that question before? What do you think? Your answer will determine what you understand love to be!

The term "love" is very deep in affection. It's very emotional and pure. It's ask for what one can do for another, not what one will get from another only. It's sacrificially. Nobody claims to "love" another but can't be real and helpful to that person. Such claims are false and not "real" love. Love does not have measure and can't pretend. So if your love is conditional and dependant on any reason, it's fake! You don't love that person. In a relationship with someone like this mentality, love is not enough!

Do love grow? Let's discuss in Dept about it next time! But if I wait on your growing "love" to sustain our relationship, it will never be enough! Love that's spontaneous based on gifts, favours, money, forgiveness etc is never enough for a long lasting relationship!

Can love be true? Do true love exist? Yes because Love itself is true! Anything short of that is never love but something that I don't even know it's name. Let's be genuine and true to ourselves about this wonderful emotional state "Love". Love should streams from our inner person towards another person. Let it be express to those people without high expectations. It is a word that is actionable and sacrificial. Someone that we loves, can hurt us that's Fact! Our ability to forgive them freely and from heart when they are genuinely repentant, will ease some relationships tensions and makes it last longer.

Love comes with our wonderful qualities like respect, truth, forgiveness, tolerance etc. So if we love someone. It will be truly when we show those other qualities towards those people. Such love is very enough to sustain any kind of relationship!

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1 year ago