Life is not balance.

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1 year ago

This saying "Life is not balance" is very popular and popular slang in my area. It can be apply in every situations or incidents fittingly. What does it really means and what's are noteworthy situations, it can be applied?

Life is not balance means that things are not perfect. To strives to be perfect in every respects, it is very hard and impossible. There are greatest achievements ever known to man but there's an underlying demerits found within those achievement that needs to be revised or resolved, then it becomes yet another great achievement! Knowing this fact can make us to calm down and allow "nature" take it causes.

Disadvantages and demerits attached on wonderful event can ever be resolved? Yes! But it will take more time and God's grace. Meanwhile, we will continue to evaluate things that we had achieve or events that happened to absorb/adopt the wonderful lessons therein and resolves problems therein. Nothing on Earth have only the advantages without the disadvantages. Take a look at Nuclear nukes, with the radioactive energy, many countries are enjoying steady electric power and other useful resources therein but what about nuclear bombs? It is not from the same nuclear nukes! What about Crude oils? Very useful mineral resources with great benefits. But what of oil spillage, pollution and kill of innocent lives due to its exploration? Nothing comes with disadvantages!

However, you think that like is balance? have you not noticed that you will be attracted to one person while he/she is far away from you emotionally. One will be bubbling up in good health but lacks essentials to sustain that health status and lives right. Many are richly employed but how many of them are enjoying that their work? Life is not balance!


Life and things therein are relative. We should be satisfied and contented with whatever you have and never expect more. Time and nature solves a lot of mystery about life. Worries and Anxieties can't solves any problem. But, Add still more pains!


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1 year ago