Disadvantages of singlehood.

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1 year ago

Married couples always see the single person as a happy person that have low budget and expenses. But there are problems, they are facing. True, singleness have many blessings. But let's talk about the disadvantages today.

  1. Loneliness, although humans are social being whereby we have friends, relatives, workmates, schoolmates etc, who they can relate with. In the Advent of mobile technology, there are many online friends and global village where humans can relate with another fully. Loneliness can still set in when one is unmarried because that companionship is not there. Nobody to share your "breath" with you! Loneliness is a very boring situation that can drives one crazy and makes that one unproductive too.

  2. In emergency situations, those that are single have free time and can socialize freely with everyone. But they are very pathetitc when you encounters emergency situations like sickness or in debts. Couples helps each other out when one is sick, reminds and give the partner drugs, cheers him/her gloomy face up, give foods, fruits, do laundries etc but in singlehood, it's very difficult experience. When one of married couple ran in debts, another can sort it out or there's high chances for both to generate income very faster within a shortest time than a single person. Such person hardly knows what to do. Might seek loans from a friend that he/she had not repaid the last debt!!! It's very devastating too.

  3. Conjugal warmth, sex is meant only for married couples and they enjoys it very much. The right over the body is given freely and hardly be denied. Unlike a single person, the right over another person's body is limited and can't be available at all times. Sex is not free for single person and problems therein are high. Stress and Anxieties can be reduced by the physical intimacy. Single person don't have intimacy with someone physically often so they are stressed frequently.

  4. Marital blessings: children born with wedlock are blessings to the couple. Soon, they can be of help to them. One's spouse is also another blessings because both of them look for the best of another. Companionship is another blessings. They both will be available for each other in every situations and challenges, helping each other mutually. These blessings and more alludes the single person and they are waiting patiently for the day, they will be married. When they do, they will enjoy the blessings and suffer as well with it's challenges too.

Life is in stages. As it evolves, humans should follow suit. If not, there will be disturbance and problems therein.

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1 year ago