Break free from generational poverty curse!

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1 year ago

To break from the circle of poverty in our families. To avoid blaming others for our financial woes. These are things that we should be doing;

  • Taking Financial risks. Fears and worries have kept many backwards. Any financial opportunities comes with struggles and risks. Our abilities to overcome them makes us very experienced and better poised to get more financial gains. But avoiding them will also means that we are avoiding opportunities which will keep us in poverty for long.

  • Entertainment and recreational activities. Some activities especially the types used for leisure can keep us in poverty for long time. Entertainment and recreational activities are very beneficial but are very expensive. choose them wisely and engage in them sparingly will help our pockets.

  • Bad Habits. Smoking, womanizing, get drunk, drugs, gambling etc are Habits that can affect our pockets. These habits hooks us for a long time and makes huge demands on our pockets. Cut them out aids our financial healthy state.

  • Dressing and Grooming. Look at our very good is excellent but should not cause much Financially. If we have properly view on them and better management goals on our wardrobes.


Brace up yourself and readjust your mindset to achieve better financial gains. Don't blame others while you still need to work on yourself. Take risks and when opportunities fails, stand up again even if from the lowest state. Our ability to stand over and over makes us great achievers. Avoid certain habits, keep entertainment at it's pace and checkmate our expenses on dressing and Grooming will help you out!


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1 year ago