6 things that you should not share with anyone in this life

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Human beings are social animals and tend to be with someone that we like to discuss/chat with. Such discussion always makes our nerves, worries and anxieties go away. It can even makes us happy. But there are THINGS that we should not shared with anyone even as we are discussing with them regularly.

There's are things not to share with anyone in your life even if you are to forget them. They includes:

  1. Every detail of your life. It sounds funny and weird. Right? Yes. Whenever we are comfortable with our friends. We tend to share everything with them. For instance, Studies indicates that woman can share everything of anything in their life with their best friends more than their husbands. They knows about their crush, kisses and how they lose their virginity! While men share with their best friends how they toast/woo their ladies and how the methodology of their business/works. Do you think that it's wise for such person to know everything? The current answer is NO! We can be the best friends ever but still maintaining our boundaries. Best friends tends to be worst haters in life and our secrets are in their disposal to do at will.

  2. Oversharing. Similar to the first point? Yes! But very different. We have established at the first point that everything should not be shared. But oversharing is when we did it excessively. most commonest way of oversharing in this modern years, is talking about such secrets via phone. There's one slogan that internet does not forget! One day, our secrets will be exposed for greater scalable proportions. Where will be hide our faces? What then will be the remedy? It's far better to be cautious about things that we share with anyone and be careful too over phones.

  3. Every other fight that you had with your spouses. There's no perfect marriage. We, humans will always fight with each other. With scarce and limited resources, the essentials in the home can cause fight between spouses or our imperfect behaviors can contributes too. It's unwise to share them with anyone in life because they can rashly judge our partner based only on what we told them or due to the protective nature over us. It's not fair at all and can limits our happiness too. Be mature enough to endure our pains of the rancors with our spouses to safeguard such precious relationship. Be forgiving and learn to be apologetic can be the solution that we need.

  4. Everytime someone say/do hurtful things to us. Although it's very painful and hard to endure at times. We yearn for a listening ears of our friends and comfort us. Many a times, while telling them what the person say or do, they might increase the hurtful tempo by telling us more about it rather than calming us down. They might even gossips about our vengeful plans to the ears of that person that wrongs us. You should know what that means! They might not even calm us down or be suggestives, only listening and laughing at us. That's immature! Be calm and work on ourselves. Control the situation and direct such geviances to God. If we can't do anything about it.

  5. Family problem. Don't tell anyone more than they should know about your family. Every family have their problems. Although solutions can come from them but be specific about it. If you are looking for solutions, ask yourself if that person can be of help before exposing every detail of your family problems to such person. Ask of such person precedence, many can't keep secrets and don't tell you much about theirs. Is it not better to keep shut and focus more on the progress of your family than those woes.

  6. Good deeds. Kindness that's advertised loses its importance. The more that we talk about what we did for someone/group, then we seek praise which is far below the gains of such kindness. How will the receiver of such kindness feels when he/she learnt of the advertisement of such kindness? Many will not be happy and some might tend to return such kind acts. It's better to be known by our acts, not by our words. Whenever other blew our trumpet, it's sound will be melodious and heard worldwide than when we blow it by ourselves.

However, not sharing some secret with anyone does not mean that you will become anti-social and stay alone. It means that you will become more wiser to checkmate certain details of things/secret to share with anyone in your life. Whenever we share something with someone, our hearts became lighter as if there's a heavy load lifted off from it. We will tend to become more closer to that person that we told that secrets thereby them, our sense of privacy which is the most costliest personal resource.

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