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The Youth: Economic Development & Nation-Building

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1 year ago

Every nation which plans to move forward must first ensure her youths are adequately and positively engaged and involved in the task of nation-building. Youth involvement in a nation's economic growth/development is a very conscious topic of discussion because youths (more often than not) constitute more than half the population of every nation.

Economic development of any country can be defined by the overall GDP growth, currency value stability, reduction in inflation rates, employment creations, stable security of lives & property of citizens and improved living conditions for the citizens of the country.

A youth is someone who is still at his years of activeness, with strength, energy, zeal and passion to become, achieve, belong and succeed. A nation's prosperity is (to a large extent) dependent on how well her youths are given enough encouragement and freedom to contribute their quota towards achieving the common development goals of a nation. Youths are said to be the leaders of tomorrow but I am of the opinion that the youths have been leading for a long time though only on a subordinate level, manipulated by the powerful of the society to act in fulfillment of their selfish interests.

During the stage of youthfulness, different kinds of personalities are moulded in the quest to attain affluence. therefore, it is important that the right resources are available to help redirect their energies rightly enroute the journey of life. Many youths who cannot get the needed resources tend to end up being influenced by peers, societal expectations and a host of other social vices.

Key Factors That Affects Youth Impacts on Economic Development & Nation-Building

  • Education: Adequate and standard educational system must be put in place to tutor and mentor the youths in all chosen career paths, setting tone for usefulness to self and the society, while pushing down chances of becoming threats to peace and stability.

  • Employment: Properly organized job-creation schemes, entrepreneurial sponsorship programme and adequately equipped and functional skill acquisition venters, if put in place will do well to absorb the youths graduating from different educational fields, thereby giving little to no time for the youths to roam the streets, sit idle ta home or move into unscrupulous and fraudulent activities in order to earn a living for themselves.

Many youths — especially in my country of residence, Nigeria — have been manipulated by politicians and other men of power into becoming instruments used to unleash mayhem and terror to perceived enemies and the society at large. Majority of the world crimes, corrupt practices and insecurity issues are perpetrated by youths; acts of terrorism are carried out by youths; arms and weaponry manufacturing are done hugely by youths which due to no attention, end up in wrong hands.

Proper engagement of the youths will help to redirect their strengths to nation-building, legitimate wealth creations, talent pursuits and actualization while curbing insecurity, nuisance, idleness, currency value depreciation and inflation.

The youths will continue to be assets of value to a nation's economic development because they possess enormous energy, need guidance, direction and motivation to channel their strengths to valuable and resourceful activities which will speed up a nation's general development and her global economy ratings; and when unattended, can cripple a nation's economy through corruption and insecurity.

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Written by   10
1 year ago
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