Bitcoin is moving into 2020 at critical tipping point for mass adoption.

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“How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked. “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.” - THE SUN ALSO RISES, Ernest Hemingway.

It is over a decade since the launch of Satoshi Nakamoto's seminal work: "Bitcoin: a Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System" and a little over two years¹ since Bitcoin Cash (BCH) split² away from the Bitcoin Core (BTC) project.

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has succeeded in pursuit of a pure-play digital cash protocol scaled for the entire world, growing user adoption and use in everyday commerce focused on the goals set out in the Bitcoin Whitepaper.³

Bitcoin Core (BTC) eschewed and actively stepped away from the Bitcoin Whitepaper orphaning its stated objectives under the influence, control and at the behest of Blockstream, Bitcoin Core developers and the BTC community. It has in effect adopted a neo-focus drift-strategy of minting a digital 'store of value'/'digital gold' token at the expense of becoming the world's "Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash".

With time and the benefit of hindsight these two projects (Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash) now bear very little everyday resemblance to each other in terms of team, community, technology, enterprise and market focus. As we turn the calendar towards the year 2020, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) now handsomely fills the void left in Bitcoin Core's (BTC) wake in terms of merchant adoption, brick-and-mortar in-store payments and online payments for consumer goods and digital content across a range of entertainment and publication media genres.

A lot of the work needed to finalize the cash and payments protocol of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has since been completed and delivered in 2019. Current software compatible with the Nov 2019 Upgrade now unlocks an embarrassment of riches in terms of the commercial opportunities for programmable digital money.

It is likely we are about to witness a wave of financial tools and competition for capital denominated in cryptocurrency simply replacing the traditional faith and expectation of market reliance on nation state currency.

At a macro level, the endless and inescapable number-go-up-fiat-currency supply of 'easing' or simply 'inflation' or debasement as it should more correctly be described of national currencies in multiple nations at the same time that the associated atypically low interest rates have fueled historically unprecedented levels of debt start to show signs of crumbling prior to a broader collapse sending shockwaves of default, conflict and mistrust across world markets.

A public justification for political reaction and response is gifted as a financial crises deepen. It is ceased upon ideologically by governments, enclaves of power and at the intersection of global banking and geopolitical influence. 'Don't let a good crises go to waste' goes the refrain. Taking the thoroughly predictable and deliberately engineered crisis as yet another opportunity to enact unpopular and extraordinary new powers eroding freedoms and individual liberty is par for the course.

As an antidote prescription to this coming totalitarian financial noose and grand economic reset, citizens in the real economy now have an escape hatch: Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Image "Person Giving Fruit to Another" Eric Scheel :

Businesses, cities, towns, islands, diaspora and organizations and individuals are free to anchor economic activity on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and pursue a renaissance of wealth, prosperity and entrepreneurship. Exploring these greenfields is the information revolution of our day.

This is the principle value proposition and utility of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), as a global unit of account, store of value and medium of exchange. I believe the best possible gift you can give yourself is the knowledge, education and possession of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) leading into 2020 and beyond.

So how will we likely see Bitcoin Cash (BCH) rise as national currencies crash and burn around the world? I'd say Hemingway was prescient in The Sun Also Rises, as that shift is going to be “Gradually and then suddenly.”

If you want to learn more about Bitcoin Cash - visit:

¹ Bitcoin Cash block #478559 1 August 2017
² User Activated Hard Fork (UAHF).
³ Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

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With the rise of cryptocurrency, states lost the totalitarian control on the monetrary system. People in well heated government buildings are shaking: from now on, they cant froze and incass someones balance by clicking two on his bank account. They cant expertise entertainment-management in the local office, while others work daily 12 hour in a car factory and pay 80% tax . The goverment-parasite is shaking in fear.

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4 months ago
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