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Good times in the crypto environment - BitcoinCash to the Moon

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2 weeks ago

Hello community we are living, a good moment in the crypto world without a doubt, surely you also have a similar perception to mine, a bullish run that began since late last year, is maintained and has been sustained throughout the year 2021.

For all of us who have been in this financial ecosystem for years, it is a real pleasure to see prices rising, plus the emergence of new projects that are supported by blockchain and cryptocurrencies allow us to think that we are really on the right track.

Something very important that happened this week was the launch or listing of Coinbase on the US stock exchange, however I must point out that I thought that the impact that same day would have on the cryptographic environment would be much greater but contrary to what I thought there were no major movements in the values in the prices of cryptocurrencies.

But successive days we have been able to see that prices have continued to rise sharply, one of those coins that has benefited positively has been Dogecoin, which only today April sixteenth has risen almost one hundred and eighty percent.

On the other hand, another big winner has been the base currency of this platform Bitcoin Cash, which has had a huge increase of more than 20% surpassing the barrier of 100 dollars per unit, wow, I really think it is a very good thing that this happens because it allows you to give more vivid use to this redcash project, as well as others that are supported by the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

Hundreds of times I have been able to read of some great businessmen, who say they do not believe in what has to do with the movement of cryptocurrencies, however, although some have said that the end of the crptocurrencies is near, I think nothing further from that than what we can see in real reality, when the adoption of this new financial ecosystem is becoming even much greater by many and even characters who at the time were totally against having any contact with cryptocurrencies are now pro crypto.

Like these types of blogs, which can undoubtedly give us more confidence, not only to those of us who have been working with cryptocurrencies for many years, but also to those new people who were completely unaware of how this works.

I can only say that we are doing very well, that we can all benefit enormously in one way or another from this technological and financial reality that is helping so many and that can lead the traditional financial system as we know it to reach a point where it is not sustainable by itself, as we have seen with the deterioration of all the world's finances, such as the loss of value of fiat currencies, the loss of confidence of people in the currencies of their countries, and who have been able to rely on cryptocurrencies to back up their money.

I hope I am not wrong, but that the future is going to be much better.

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Written by   13
2 weeks ago
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