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The state of r/Bitcoin

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1 year ago

An article I shared on r/Bitcoin was removed as off topic.

I made a screen recording (1:55 long), where I had a walk through of the state of r/Bitcoin today.


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It is very unfortunate. I don't believe I have really learned anything new in r/bitcoin since around 2017. Since then unfortunately it is really just a place for the general populace to post memes and to tell each other they are getting rich in the future. Sad state of affairs for sure.

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1 year ago

Yes, goes for me too, I visit it less and less, as the noise/quality ratio is lower and lower. Have you given up Bitcoin BTC? Or have the comminty gone somewhere else?

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1 year ago

We all know r/bitcoin is dead. Stop complaining about it and just ignore it.

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1 year ago

I think you nailed it. Do you think r/bitcoin is a reflection of the Bitcoin BTC environment? Where have the BTC community moved to?

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1 year ago

They left crypto once they made it. Some just wait for another bullrun to dump their bags.

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1 year ago