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BitPal March update

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1 year ago
Topics: Bitcoin Cash, BCH

Hey everyone! Here's a short progress update on BitPal and the successful Flipstarter.

I started putting in some hours in the middle of March and have been focusing on:

  • Tracking issues on GitHub to get a high-level overview of where the project is at and where it's headed. This is partly for my sake but also for anyone wanting to follow along.

  • Pluggable backends. This ties in to the "Plugins & adapters" goal of the Flipstarter, where it should be easy to add support for other BCH nodes, SPV or other cryptos. This also allows us to swap out the backend during testing (so we can use mock testing).

  • Refactoring. This means cleaning up the code, making it understandable, testable and debuggable. I've also tried to ensure that we properly setup supervision trees, which is very important for the robustness in Erlang/Elixir.

  • Testing. During the hackathon we almost ignored tests, but it's super important to have a good test suite that gives confidence that everything works as it should.

These aren't quite at the level I'm satisfied with yet, and they'll continue to be the focus going forward.

I haven't put a ton of time on the project yet, and I expect speed to pick up more during April/May. I'll try to be as transparent as possible and you can expect an update like this roughly once a month, and you can always follow the development on GitHub.

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