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My Crypto Earnings (October)

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3 months ago

Today is Halloween, and once again that means that the month is coming to an end.  It's hard to believe how fast this year is flying by.  This also means that we have once again reached my favorite time of the month.  It is the time of the month when I calculate all of my crypto earnings for the month.  If you are new, this is part of an ongoing monthly series that I write chronicling my progress towards hopefully reaching financial freedom.  Hoping to grow my crypto side hustles into a substantial enough amount that would someday be able to substitute my everyday salary.  I have two main purposes when writing these articles.  The first is that by tracking and seeing my progress, it helps to keep me motivated to keep striving for more.  The second purpose is that I hope people reading my articles will become motivated to begin their own journey toward financial freedom.  After all; if I can do it, anyone can. 

October was an interesting month.  We are still in the thick of the bear market, which also means that my earnings for the month are down as well.  There are two reasons for this.  The first is that a majority of my crypto earnings come from lending out coins.  While in crypto terms the earnings have never been better, but are down in terms of dollars.  The second is that when prices of crypto are down, readership on blogging websites also tends to be down.  As it turns out, people don't want to read about crypto as much when their portfolios are down.  Which brings down my writing earnings as well.

With that said, there were some bright spots during the month as well. 

One of my new ventures started earning much faster than I was expecting.  This month I started writing on Medium as well and went from 0 subscribers to nearly 200 in a month.  This also means that I was able to qualify for their partner program which allowed me to begin earning on the platform.  Even with keeping half of my articles free to grow my audience, it still was successful enough to be my biggest earning platform during the month.  I'm not sure if this was just a fluke and got lucky.  Or maybe, it could be the beginning of something special.  Not only that, but writing on Medium opened up my work to a new audience, which resulted in me receiving several offers for freelance work.  The thing that has me excited about my performance on Medium is this. If I was able to have this success with only being qualified to earn for two weeks this month and having only half my articles marked to earn, and during the bear market on top of that.  This means there is a lot of room to grow on the platform.

Other than that, my methods of earning from crypto-related things continued to be blogging, lending, and staking.  

And so without any further delay, let's dig into my earnings during October.


Cryptocurrency Blogging



Another month has gone by and Publish0x continues to be a platform that I really enjoy writing on.  It has in my opinion one of the best communities in crypto where people are excited to learn and share.  It is also my most consistent earner, which is something that I've grown to value more during the bear market that we are currently in.  Nearly every month I always end up in the $30-$40 range, but in October I was able to break out above that range and earn $51.09. I could earn more if I wanted to, but I instead usually stick to a 3 day per week writing schedule.  

As of writing this article I have now reached 6,357 followers on Publish0x.  It is a feat that I'm very proud of.  I'm gradually inching closer to my next goal of reaching 7,000 followers.  Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my articles and follow my blog.

Publish0x Total = $51.09

Unfortunately, my earnings on during October fell off a cliff.  It seems I wasn't lucky with Rusty the random tipper this month.  Although, I look around at many other blogs on the website and saw that earnings were down everywhere.  It will be interesting if this situation continues and will be watching it very closely. Total = $14.75


Hive / LeoFinance

While my earnings on fell off drastically during October, my earnings on Hive recovered a bit.  I have a theory for why this is the case. Typically I write about Bitcoin-focused articles, which don't usually perform well on Hive.  In October, I wrote a few more articles focused more generally on crypto and building portfolios during the bear market, and that seems to appeal to readers there.  It could have been just a fluke, but I thought it was interesting.

Hive = $50.23 LeoFinance  =  $6.79

Combined Total = $57.02



During October, I began to turn on monetization on Substack.  But have yet to receive any paid subscribers.  It will be interesting if I can turn this platform into another avenue to earn income. 

Substack Total = $0




I was blown away by the success that I had on Medium during the month.  I went from 0 subscribers to nearly 200 in just one month.  I did it naturally, by writing a lot of articles, and having a few that became very successful.  I didn't partake in any of the follow-for-a-follow that is rampant on the platform.

This means that I was able to become a Medium Partner about halfway through October and begin earning.  On Medium you need to choose if you want your articles to earn or be free.  If they are free, anyone can read.  But, if they earn only paid members can read.  I'm hoping to grow my audience there and so I usually do a 50/50 split between paid and free articles.

In just a few weeks, my earnings on Medium surged way past my other blogging platforms and has me excited about what may come.

Medium Total = $102.50



Freelance Writing

After my blog on Medium began to take off, I began to receive several offers to get paid for freelance writing.  I turned a lot down but accepted one as well.  I haven't decided if I will do this consistently or not.  But, it would be a great way to greatly increase my earnings if I wanted to do it.


Freelance Writing Total = $150


Cryptocurrency Blogging Total = $375.36


Crypto Lending & Staking



0.0125721 BTC = $257.72

0.012424 ETH = $19.50

$8.52 USDC = $8.52

For the time being, I am continuing to keep a decent amount of crypto on FTX that is being lent out to earn interest.  This also means that I am taking risks as well. I am watching the market like a hawk for any signs of FUD against FTX.  The moment that I see something, or begin to have doubts, that is the moment that I will withdraw my funds.  With that said, I have had no complaints at all about using FTX, and have become a big fan of the exchange recently.  

FTX Total = $285.74



0.014145 ETH = $22.06

I continue to stake a portion of my Ethereum on Kraken to earn a weekly interest rate.  My ETH is currently locked into the protocol until a future ETH protocol upgrade is released.  I have had no complaints about using Kraken to stake ETH.  With that said, they do charge 15%.  This means that when my ETH is finally unlocked, I will be shopping around for better options.

Kraken Total = $22.06


Crypto Lending & Staking Total = $307.80



Coinbase Earn

P00ls token = $3.00


Coinbase Earn Total = 3.00



My SWEAT token airdrop continued to be gradually unlocked which I promptly sold off for more BTC.  While it is free money and I can't complain, I am still disappointed with how quickly this coin has dropped in value.

SWEAT - $10 (unlocked) 


Airdrops Total = $10



Miscellaneous Total = $13


Total October Earnings = $696.16


Overall, I'm very satisfied with how October turned out.  Especially with the results, I had at Medium. I'm interested if it can become a consistent earner, or if I was just lucky this month.  It looks like we might be soon reaching the end of the bear market within the next few months and I'm doing my best to accumulate as much as I can before prices begin to recover.

How about you? What have you been doing to earn crypto income?

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As always, thank you for reading!

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Written by   318
3 months ago
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This is a great achievement Keep itup

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3 months ago

A total crypto gain of $696 is the perfect income source for a bear market. Congratulations. This is the kind of earnings that will multiply as the markets recover in the future!

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3 months ago

Thank you!

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3 months ago

What an interesting report for this month and you soar high in other platforms too. You inspire us to check those 🤭. Been delaying to visit other socials. Writing sometimes block our minds but every 3 days habit will replenish it I guess.

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3 months ago

that's a lot of earning from you! good luck on the next month! I wish I could do the same too! You must have been in from of your computer all day

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3 months ago

Just a few hours each day :)

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3 months ago

I wonder how few is that lols

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3 months ago

That's quite a lot. Congrats!

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3 months ago