Big List of CRYPTO Social Media Companies and Video Platforms that Pay YOU to Participate

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2 years ago

I put this list together for my company The Female Wrestling Channel.

I was considering making this list private and selling it, but I think a lot of you could truly benefit from this so I'm going to make it free to the public.

All I ask is that you donate whatever amount you feel this list is worth (to YOU) to me AT THIS LINK.  

In my opinion.....

1.  I think this list could be incredible valuable for many of you.  Especially authors, content creators, and people creating the crypto industry.  You are looking to build a wider audience in the crypto space and every single site I have listed below is geared towards crypto enthusiasts like yourself.  

2.  As I have not built relationships with many in the Crypto community just yet, I do not want to ask for money directly without showing the "goods" first so to speak.  "If" I ask for money in the future, I want to show I can deliver and that I do good research..   

3.  I think this list is worth anywhere from $33 to $99 in my opinion only.  Perhaps you agree.  Perhaps you only think it's worth $5.  Send whatever you think it's worth to you personally via donation at this link after reading.  

You most likely will not find a list this comprehensive in the space currently!

Before you sign up with any of the services below, think about starting a free email account at Ghost Prism.  This way, anytime you sign up with a social media account, especially if they like to track you, you will be a “ghost”.  Use the email you create as your “throwaway” email for signing up for websites that you don’t want to spam you endlessly with notifications, updates, and more.  Sign up for free for Ghost Prism email account here.

Crypto Centric Social Media Networks and Posting Websites:

Most of these either Pay you in their own Crypto to post/interact or allow for users to tip you in Crypto. Some of these networks pay your fans to post/interact as well.  Almost ALL of the below are geared PRIMARILY towards CRYPTO enthusiasts. Many of the below companies also give you coins for referring people to the network, so be sure to look in the settings for a referral link before promoting any of these to your followers.  Be sure to use my referral links below when signing up for each service as it allows me to offer this list for as affordable as a price as possible to you.

Torum - Pays you in XTM when you click the “missions” tab and complete certain daily, weekly, and special tasks. You get 75 XTM per referral at the time of this writing if you can bring other people to the platform.  XTM is not on the market just yet for trading, but it looks like they are planning to do so.

Trybe - Trybe uses the EOS blockchain and offers staking rewards and you get paid for participation in posting, making friends, and bringing referrals. Trybe is listed on Coin Gecko at THIS LINK.

Sapien - Sapien is a decentralized network (like all of these) that pays you in SPN tokens for participation on the network. Users can pay you in SPN as well.  You post to tribes that make sense where users can participate in your postings.  Sapien is listed on Coingecko here and can be traded on Uniswap.  

Uptrennd - You can EARN and LOSE crypto at this unique social media platform.  If users upvote you, you get 1UP that you can trade on exchanges.  If they downvote you, you lose 1UP.  1Up is listed on CoinGecko and can be traded on Uniswap.

Minds - Social Network that pays you in MINDS tokens for participation.  At the time of this writing, they say they can’t be used on exchanges, but you have to wonder if that will change in the future if they want to compete?  Minds is listed on CoinGecko here, but can’t be traded at the moment, if ever.  

Leo.Finance - Nifty little social site where you can read other authors that are intensely interested in finance and cryptocurrency.  You can log in using your Hive credentials.  You get paid in LEO for contributing to the platform. You can see the prices for Leo and Wrapped Leo respectively at Leo Dex and Coingecko.

Sphere Social - Neat little site that pays you in SAT’s - Social Activity Tokens for posting on the website and doing various activities.  Click on the “Wallet” link once you are signed up to check your earnings and the top earners at any given time. Sphere is listed on CoinGecko here and appears it can currently be traded.

Coinlinked - Social Media platform that pays you in CLC for participating.  However, the CLC cannot be currently traded outside their platform, though they state they may do so in the future if they gain regulatory approval.  

Steem - You will want to link your Hive Keychain or Steem account to gain access.  Make sure you log in with your posting key.  You can trade Steem and Steem Dollars.  You can trade both on the Bittrex platform if you are not already signed up. 

Peak’d - This is one of the companies that was part of the hard fork when Justin Sun entered Steem. If you post on D.Buzz below, it will post on Peak’D and most likely visa versa on “all posts”, but not sure about Blog posts. You get paid in Hive and various other tokens for posting.  You can find Hive on Coingecko and the Hive Dollar on Coin Gecko.

D.Buzz - Has a Twitter like setup and is part of Peak’d mentioned above. You will want to link your Hive Keychain or Steem account to gain access.  Make sure you log in with your posting key. - You have to request access at the time of this email, but they pay users in Voice tokens.  They want you to be a verifiable real person, though it seems all they ask for at this time is a selfie.  

Peepeth - This is a social network that essentially seemingly wants you to simply be a nice person to join their network.  Easy to use social setup that integrates with a browser wallet such as Metamask. You can earn Peepeth points, but it’s not quite clear what these can be used for on my first reading of the website. - Post whatever……Flotes your Boat!  This social media site has a built in crypto wallet and users can tip you and you can set up subscription tiers.  If you have content you only want paid subscribers to see, this could be a good place to do so.  They offer live stream capabilities as well. 

Mamby - Pays you in Bitcoin for making quality postings. 

MeWe - A social media network that claims it will not censor users and it will allow full reach for anyone who follows you.  (example: You might have 100,000 followers on Facebook or Twitter, but only 5000 or 10,000 consistently see you post)

Society2 - Upcoming Crypto Social Network.  You will be able to earn free IOTA coins by watching ads.  Get on the mailing list for updates about the product.  

Appics - Upcoming social network that pays users in APX.  Slick looking website, right now they are in Beta and looking for influencers.  Here is the influencer sign up form

Vitae - Upcoming social network that has their own token as well.  You can read everything about them currently on their website.  

PublishOX - I must admit, I love this site. I read different crypto authors every single day and I’m looking for more to follow. They have their own tipping system where the author AND the reader get paid. There is a tipping bar at the bottom of each posting where you can decide how much to tip yourself and the author.  If you have great insights to share, you should sign up as an author and let me know when you do as I will absolutely follow you and tip if your articles are good.  

Read.Cash - Site where the readers pay you in Bitcoin Cash.  An article here lists the various ways you can make money on Read.Cash

Memo.Cash - Works somewhat similar to Read.Cash above only that you pay for each posting you make, cancelling out noisy postings in a sense.  (that’s the idea anyway) - Here is an explanation on what it is from the Founder. - You earn money by getting seeded or spotted by users on the platform.  You can read how that works THIS LINK.  Site is still in Beta.  

Tipestry - Works a bit like the sites above, only it’s a super simple interface.  Simply post what you want to talk about and other users will tip you if they like what you are bringing.  

Places to Upload Videos and Get Paid:

LBRY/Odysee - You get paid anytime a logged in user watches any or your short or long videos or articles you post. You can put clickable links back to your website or websites in the description section of each video or article you post  If your content is adult or mature, be certain to mark it "mature" and it will never get taken down as the videos are on the blockchain. If someone pirates your video, LBRY can block access to viewing it for the public. Simply email them to let them know. LBRY is moreso for ADULT creators and their Odysee service is more for MAINSTREAM creators. Your videos and logins will work the same on both platforms. NOTE: Make sure you tell your viewers to allow for mature content in the settings section on LBRY or they will not be able to see your content that you mark "mature" on in the tags section.  Your users get paid for watching your content as well in the form of daily watch rewards. You can trade LBRY on the open market and convert it to your currency of choice based on real time market rates at THIS WEBSITE.  Check the real time price of each LBRY coin you earn at any time at THIS WEBSITE.  Feel free to follow me on LBRY at the Female Wrestling Channel and my Johnny Ringo page.  

Bitchute - This is another decentralized video platform where you can upload your videos. You can read their creator monetization policies at this link.  

Bittube.TV - This one pays you for uploading content by using a plugin called Airtime.  It monetizes you and your users if you install it in your browser or on your phone. 

3 Speak - Upload your videos and if they get upvoted you get paid in Hive.  They claim that offensive speech should be protected.  Personally, I like that stance.  

Dtube - Very similar to 3speak above.  You can log in with your Steemit or Hive credentials and get paid for video uploads.  

Cinnamon.Video - This platform pays you for short or long clips you upload via a service called “Coil”. Coil is only $5 per month and gives users a wide range of choices to watch. You get paid “per minute per hour” when people watch your content.  Be sure to hook Coil into your account through the settings and you can withdraw funds to a crypto account such as Uphold.  

Rumble - Growing video platform that claims it won’t take your videos down.  They pay you for uploading videos as well. - This is a porn site that pays you in “Jack” coins.  Presumably for watching videos. If you know adult video creators this “might” be a place to send them. Interface and website quality are fairly poor at the moment, but I could see the idea catching on.  

Pronworld - Fairly smooth porn site that pays you for simply interacting with it.  Commenting on videos, liking videos, uploading content you own, etc.  You get paid in Pron Coin and you get paid in a coin called Grosh.  I’m not sure if they are traded on exchanges or not at this moment, but either way it does appear you can cash them in for your actual currency.  

I hope you enjoyed these 33 resources and I hope they earn you a lot of money in 2021 and beyond!

3 Requests if you Found this Extremely Useful

1.  Please tip this article on Read.Cash.

2.  Please donate ANY CRYPTO YOU WISH, any amount, to me directly at THIS LINK.  If you to pay me in a crypto that is not currently on my Cointree, simply let me know in the comments what crypto to add or email me directly.  I think this list is going to be worth $33 to $99 to many of you, especially if you are content creators or authors.  However.  You can send me any amount you wish as I will greatly appreciate you taking time out of your day to do so and it will reward me for the weeks it took for me to fully put this list together. 

3.  If I'm missing any resources that you think are valuable, as in a social media network that pays you in crypto, or a video website that pays you in crypto, please mention them in the comments so I can add them to my list.  

-- Ringo --

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