My Little Adventure: My Top 5 Filipino foods that I like.

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2 years ago

Since I can't think of any article, let me just share you some of my favoritism things. For example foods.

Yes foods! We all know that we love foods. We can't live without foods. Foods is life, you know that.

Okay, let's have some little adventure about foods.

I will share you what are my top 5 Filipino foods that I like..

By the way before that, my best of all the best is Sushi, sashimi and Maki.

They are my number one favorite food, though its not a filipino food. It is from Japan. No one car really beat this. I'm more on Japanese foods actually. Even though I'm filipino. Oh well..

So then, let's start with the top 5, my favorite Filipino foods that I like.

Number 5


Ctto... Picture not mine

Laing is a dish of a taro leaves with meat or it can be seafoods. It cooked in a thick coconut milk with a lot of spices like chili labuyo, garlic, lemongrass and ginger. I like laing when full of chili labuyo on it. I really love hot spicy foods.

Number 4


Ctto. Picture not mine

Bulalo is my top 4 favorite food. It is a beef this with light colored soup with a lot of beef shanks and bone narrow. It includes leafy vegetables, corn on the cob, scallions, garlic, onions and ginger. Its really popular here in the Philippines specially when you go to Tagaytay. A lot of restaurants serving bulalos. Its also good, specially in cold weather or if its rainy season. Ahh. I missed it. I guess, we'll ask my brother to cook this sometimes.

Number 3

Sizzling Sisig.

Picture not mine

Sisig. It is also one of the best food you have to try. This is why I put it on my top 5. It is a filipino dish made parts of pig heads and chicken liver, seasoned with calamansi onions and chili peppers. There are also an egg on top of it. It originates from the region of Pampanga. Nowadays, sisig is the best for 'pulutan'. Pulutan in english is Appetizer taken with alcohol. That's why its popular here.

Now we have top 3, let's go top 2..

Number 2


Is this included in Filipino? Well I guess so. It on me. Haha.

Seafoods combination of any form of sea including fish and shellfish.. I really love seafoods. I never complain when it comes to seafoods. Good thing, I'm not high blood or allergic when eating crabs and shrimps. It also the best when it cooked in butter with fried garlic.. This is why I like sushi. Because of seafoods.

And for my number 1 favorite food is....

Drum roll... Lol

Number 1

Buffalo Wings.

It may came from different country but it is also popular here in the philippines nowadays.

Buffalo wing is an unbreaded chicken wing section that is generally deep fried and then coated or dilled with a different sauce or style. Chicken wings has been already my favorite part since kid. I don't like any other parts just wings.

Right, we were actually planning to open A chicken wing mini restaurant in our place, and the chef will be of course my brother. Hopefully it will be success.

I guess this is it. These are all my top 5 favorite food.

Oho? Did I make you starve? I know right. I feel like I wanted to eat again after seeing a lot of foods and stating my favorite foods.

Good thing thing we have our brother chef. We can request him anytime when cooking this. For now, I will request him to make bulalo once the lockdown is over.

I hope you enjoy my little adventure of foods.

See you on my next adventure...


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2 years ago


Those meals look delicious, very nice and provokes to eat it all. Thanks for sharing

Esas comidas se ven deliciosas, muy agradables y provoca comérsela toda. Gracias por compartir

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2 years ago

Hello,, my first article publish soon, hope you like and I'm ready to your judge, #JuryJiroshin😊

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2 years ago

Nakakagutom 🤤, sisig na mahalang lang sakin saka sabay ng bulalo 🤤🤩

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2 years ago

Hahaha. Nakakagutom ba kahit ako nagutom kagabi. Mkaluto nga ng sisig.. naalala ko di nga pla ako marunong hahaha. Tga tikim lang.

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2 years ago

Seafood for me!!!!

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2 years ago

Yes seafood is the best though uts still my number 2 hahaha

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2 years ago