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Adopted Assassin Series 1

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1 year ago


"Please just kill me, leave our child, he doesn't know anything." A woman who is desperately begging to leave her child alone and crying.

A guy with black masked tilt his head and looked at the kid. The kid was crying as well. The guy turned his head and looked at the woman.


"Y-yes?" She flinched

"Can I play with him?" He said as he point the knife to the kid

The woman's tears fall. "Y-yes... Y-you can play with him... B-but p-please... D-don't kill him... I-I'm begging you..."

"Okay." He replied as she slash the woman's neck.

"Whoo.. Mission's over." He removed his masked, and it seems he's a she. "Hey kid, let's play." She's walking towards her.

"Don't come here! I don't want to play with you!! You're a monster!!" The kid said and he was crying. He was trembling.

"Monster?" She tilt her head.

"You killed mommy and daddy! You're a monster!!" She shout.

"Oh... They were bad people that's why I killed them." She keeps walking towards the kid while wiping her knife.


Another guy in a masked went inside.

"Are you done here?"

"Hmm. Yeaah~"

"Why is he still alive?"

"I just want to play with him. And that woman said to spare his lives."

"Who told you to listen to that shit? Who's your boss?" He shout.


"Now hurry up and killed that boy right now. And we're leaving!" He said as he slam the door and left.

"Yeah yeh..." She sighed.. She turned around fazing at the kid. "Sorry kid. My big brother doesn't want to play with you." She said as she raised her knife.

"No.... Please--" he haven't finished his sentence.

The girl slashed him and he died... They're coming out of the house and went inside the van.

"Let's go, we're done here." The guy from awhile ago said as he removed his masked.

"What's with that face, Hikari?" A guy with brown long hair said.

"Big brother Haji... I killed a boy." She looked down and upset. She really doesn't want to kill him.


"I just want to have a playmate, but he told me to kill him." She said as he points him.

"Tss. If we let that boy go. For sure he will going to call a cops and also he saw your face!!"


"Yowki, you don't have to shout at her. She's also a kid, you know that." Haji was trying to defend her.

"Tss. What a troublesome. Start driving we're leaving!"

"Yes boss!"

They're leaving.

He sighed. "Don't be sad, Hikari. Don't worry. I'll bring you a toy you can play."

"Uh! Thank you big brother Haji!" He hugged him.

The brown long hair guy pats her head. And they went home.

Every week, they were assigned to kill a person or any job. They were called assassin killer. No mercy killing. No feelings, no love... As she turns 14, the brown long hair guy has removed from the group. Yowki has been separated from them. H was promoted as the 2nd Chief.

"Big brother Haji." She was sad because she will be left alone with the other group.

"Sorry, Hikari. I might not fulfill your promise... But we might see each other again sometimes." He said.


And he left...

"Kari, from now on, you're the captain of your team." Their leader appointed her to be the leader of the 2nd group.

"Okay..." She doesn't look happy.

Another years have passed, She have reached age of 16. Hikari was send to a City for a mission. Their boss sent her alone for mission, that is to kill someone higher ups.

"Well well well... Look who's where. Their favorite young assassin sent you here alone? That's fascinating. Or could it be your boss sacrifices you and wants you dead? Yahahahahaha! " A fatty guy with a sunglasses.

"..." Hikari just gazed at them.

"Kill her!"

All of the thugs attacked them.


Slash! Wapaaak! Ting ting swiish!

They're so many of them. Hikari was still able to stand up wih full of bloods and bruises. Its her mission after all.

"You're really the legends that Mizukawa talking about. Look at you, you have beaten my hundreds of men already and you're still standing. Why don't you come  with us instead? Don't worry, we'll make you better than them." He said as he scoffed. She's calm.

They keep attacking her.

It's been 2 hours already. She's been badly beaten..., she defeated almost 300 men alone. She was trying to go and find the boss hidden at his office. She was already her limit. But she doesn't care. She knew that this will be her last life.

"Please spare my life. I didn't mean to say that."

Hikari take out her last knife and killed the enemy boss.. Finally her mission is over. She's weak and doesn't have money with her. She's now walking on the street with full of bloods on her body.


Traffic jam. There's a car stopped on the side while waiting for the go signal. A guy inside the car turned his head and saw a girl, that's Hikari, walking with full od bloods dripping on the floor.

"This kid... Uh! You're that person."


It seems that he knew or saw her somewhere before already. The traffic lights turns to go. But the guy told the driver to stop the car.

"But sir!"

"Don't worry, I'll be quick. Call the hospital near here to ready a surgery." He said as he opened the car and went down.


A guy went out of the car and followed the girl.

Hikari was already weak.. She can't take another step and leaned on the wall and sat down.

"I guess.. My life... Is over... I just... Want a normal life... I just want a family... Time... For me... To... Die...." She lost conscious.

"Uh!" He went to her. "Hey kid wake up!" The guy check her pulse. "It's still beating." He carried her and decided to help her.


"No more question. Let's go to the hospital!" He carried him inside the car.

They rushed going to the hospital and hurriedly send her to the operation room.

The guy who helped Hikari stayed until the operation is over. His wife came.

"Hon! I thought something happen to you."

"Don't worry. I'm fine..."

"Who is...?"

"Hon, do you remember the one I've told you 2 years ago? A young girl saves my life from accident?"

"Yeah. The bombing accident."

"Yeah. That time, I wasn't able to ask her name and thanked her... This time... I saw her again..."

"You mean... In there? The girl saved you... Was in the operation room?" She asked.

"Yeah. I saw her walking with full of bloods on her body."

"Oh my God! What happen?" She was shock as she covered her mouth.

"I don't know.. I just.. Suddenly saw her on the street walking like that. Then she lost conscious. That's why I rushed her here. Actually, I don't know why I did that... You know... I shouldn't stick to any dangerous thing but... This young girl saved my life 2 years ago... And I can't just leave her like that. I don't know..."

"You're really have a pure heart, hon."

Later on, the doctor came out and told her the result.

"Thank you doc."

"Anything for you sir."

Later the doctor left. Hikari was taking out of the surgery and transferred to the VIP room.

"I wonder what happen..." The guy was alone in the room, while his wife was in the cashier to pay her hospital fee.

'Why do I look so worried? Is it because, you're the one saves my life 2 years ago? I should have leave at this moment but... I can't explain. I feel like, I want to wait for you to recover. And.... Why do you look familiar?' So many thoughts comes to his mind.

Next day, the guy went home. They sent 4 bodyguards outside her room. And one inside to look after her.

6pm he went back to the hospital to check her.

"I see, no news yet." 'Why am I worried sick? Who are you really?' He thought.

Later on, he went home again and take a rest..

3 days have passed, her finger moved. The bodyguard of that guy saw her hand move so he hurriedly call him to come.

To be continued...

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Written by   197
1 year ago
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