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A handsome CEO living in an Apartment?! Chapter 1

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10 months ago

There's one family who had just had their lunch until they heard 2 truck coming over to the apartment, and one nice car.

"May bagong lipat uli." The woman said as they come out of the house witness the new neighbor.

"Ang ganda ng kotse. Ang yaman siguro niyan." Her father said while mesmerizing.

He parked besides the apartment. And went out. It was one hot looking guy.

They were all surprised, even the whole neighborhoods.

"Wow foreigner!"

"Ang gwapo naman niya."

"Taray lilipat siya diyan?"

The neighbors are murmuring.

A girl from the house went out and her name is Seira.

"Asan yung bagong lipat?" She asked.

Her mother pointed at him..

She was amazed. 'Whoa... Ang gwapo naman niya. Mukhang foreigner. Is he a Korean? No he looks like a Japanese. But... Why do I feel like I've already seen this guy?' She thought as she was gazing her, raising her brow.

That guy turned around and looking at her.

"Nakatingin siya dito!"

"Tinuro mo pa kasi." Her sister whispered.

The guy suddenly bowed at them..

"Eh?" They were surprised.

Seira slightly bowed as well.

"Bakit nagbobow ka jan?"

"If my instinct was right na tga Japan, siya, yung bow kasi ang way ng pag-greet nila kahit sino. Kahit nman sa Korea." She explain.

Their family take bow as well.

Later, after they were done replacing all the things to the apartment...

He went inside and take a rest. Ren who still keep thinking where and when did he saw that guy.

"Ang swerte naman natin kapitbahay natin siya." Her sister said as he clasped her hands and giggling.

They didn't able to know who is the new guy living in the apartment. But instead they ask the owner of the apartment, who might the guy is and if he know him.

"Hindi ko siya kilala.. I Pamangkin siya ng kaibigan ng Pinsan ko. Kai Takumi Usui name Niya kung tama pronounce." The owner said as he was thinking if the name was correct.

'I knew it he's a Japanese.' Seira thought.

So he was Japanese... But why living in the apartment?

"Mukha naman siyang mayaman, bakit naisipan niya tumira dito? Mostly diba sa hotel nagstay?" Says the boyfriend of Seira's sister as he crossed his arm.

"Ewan ko rin. Pero sabi sakin, gusto niya lang tumira diyan, kasi malapit lang daw siya sa taong special daw niya. Kaya siya Nandito. Galing Japan siya. "

"Ay wow!"

"Ay may mahal na palang iba."


"Hahaha sad naman." 'But why do I feel sad? I don't even know this person.' She thought and felt disappointed.

"Sino naman kaya yun? Malapit lang edi ibig sabihin taga dito lang siya sa subdivision?" Her sister asked.

"Or maybe sa ibang street or sa kabilang bayan tapos heto na lang nakitang available."

"Baka nga."

"Hmm hmm!" They nodding as they agree what they said. It might be correct that special someone is living near or maybe super near at him.

Who might be this super special person they were talking to?

"Narinig ko din CEO daw siya."

They all looked at the owner. And their jaw dropped on the floor.

"Come again? CEO?" Seira repeat or maybe they heard it wrong.

"Oo. Kahit ako nagulat din."

"CEO?!" They all chorused.

"No way! CEO living in the apartment?"

"A handsome CEO of all places? That's impossible." Seira said as she was saying her hand like refuse to believe.

But still.. This is really one mysterious one.. a CEO living in an Apartment.

Until later at night they're still talking about the new neighbor. A delivery came, he went out to get his food, Seira who happen to be outside the house and saw him. The guy smiled at her. Her face turned to red.

Buthump buthump... That was what her heart. 'Eh... What's with me? He just smiled at me. Why am I suddenly... felt hot' she thought as she hurriedly went home.

'Come down. You don't know this guy. Plus he already have someone else. I shouldn't be thinking things.' she thought as she was shaking her hands like making her hand as a fan.

"Oh. Anyare sayo?" Their mother asked.

She was snapped. "Ah wala.."

They had their dinner. Seira who still thinking about him who suddenly smiled at her even in the first meet.

'This is not right. I should stop this. Calm down heart.'

4 days have passed since he came, they noticed that the new guy was just only eating a food from outside.

"Ah baka naman hindi siya marunong magluto." Says her sister's boyfriend as he scoffed.

"Eh nakita natin may lutuan siya."

"Maybe he's busy on something." Seira said.

They all look at her.

"What?... Just my instinct."

"Baka nga siguro busy siya lalo na CEO siya." Her sister agreed.

"Kain na nga lang tayo." Their father said as he sit on the table. And they had their dinner.

Next day, her whole family went out. Her mother and father went to Makati for something they have to attend, while her two sisters have works and the boyfriend of her sister went out as well. Her brother also left and went out with her girlfriend.

Seira was the only one staying the house and taking care of the house. They left early and they didn't able to left a food.

"Great. They leave again without food. I guess, I'll just cook." She said.

She is thinking what she's going to cook. She decided to have crispy tuna balls. While cooking. She noticed that there's no delivery coming, it seems that he haven't order yet but he's still there.

'Maybe he was really busy that he forgot to order food.' she thought.

It was 12:30, she was done. She decided to give some for him. She take a little shower, change clothes, then packed the food in a nice tupperware and she's ready to go.

'Alright, let's go.' She went out of the house, then in the gate and suddenly stopped in the middle. 'Should I really have to do this? But... What if I got rejected?' She thought.

She shook her head. Then continue walking until she reached infront of his house. She closed her eyes and take a deep breath. She clear throat.

Knock knock knock...

The door was open. He was there there standing wearing a plain white shirt, black jogger pants and a reading glass. He was surprised as he blinks two times.

"Ah... Anou... Sorry for the sudden visit. W-well you see, I noticed there's no delivery coming so I..." She showed the tupperware. She was blushing and looking away. "If you would like.. I ... I'm not hitting with your or something..." 'Ah this is embarrassing' she thought and close her eyes. Like she's ready to hear the rejection.

He looked at his time watch. "Oh. It was this late, I didn't notice.."

Seira opened her eyes and looked at him as he heard him talk. 'Whoaaa... He's really so handsome in up close..' She thought.

He chuckles. She snapped and shook her head. 'What am I thinking?'

He grabbed the food. "Thank you." He said with a gentle smiled.

Seira who can't helped with those gentle handsome guy. Making her heart race again and her face turned to red.

"Come in." He said. "Sorry if it's a bit messy inside." He opened the door wide and she can see the inside of his house.

"Ahh.. Is it okay? I... I just... Deliver you that." She said

He nodded and smile. "It's okay, come in."

"T-Then... I'm coming in." She was about to take out the slippers.

"You don't have to remove it."

"I... I might dirty the floor."

He chuckles. "It's okay. I don't mind." He said.


She went inside, and sit on the couch looking around the house.

'Whoa... Even though the Apartment is small, his room was so clean and... So many expensive things. I have tk be careful or I might destroy one.' She thought as her sweat drops.

"I didn't noticed the time jt was already that late, I was busy reading and doing my works. Thank you, Seira." He said as he get the chopsticks.

She was surprised that he already knows her name. "How did you know?"

"Ah... Sorry, I just heard them calling you when you're going out. Am I wrong?"

"No no... I was just surprised. I'm Seira. Hehe."

He puts the food and chopsticks on the table.

"My name is Kai Takumi. Just call me Rei.." as he reached his hand for shake hands.

"Hmm. Kai... Sure.." grabbed his hand. 'Oh my god!! I grabbed his hand. It's too soft. And he smell nice... Ah stop stop. You didn't come here just for this.' She snap out and take out her hand.

"Uhmmm. I'm sorry I have to go. There's no one inside the house. And... I haven't eat yet too... Hehehe" She was embarrassed. She went to the door and open it and she was about to leave.

"Seira." He called her

"Eh?" She turned around.

"Thank you." Again with his gentle smile.

Seira who can't help but blush and her hear beats so fast as if there's no tomorrow.

"S-s-sure... Y-You're welcome."

She hurriedly went back to the house and drink water. Her heart still beats like there's a marathon and like it's gonna explode. 'He's so cute.' She thought and start eating.

Meanwhile, Kai opened the tupperware and smiled. Like he was happy because he was given a food or he was happy that someone's approach him. He start eating as well.

Later at night, it looks like Kai was really busy and Seira was about to give him a food but, her family are starting to come home.

'Ah I'm late. I wish he was eating already.' She thought and sighed.

She's worried.

Next day, it was Saturday. Seira was bored. Until night time, a delivery came again to his house.

'He really is busy and didn't have time to cook for himself. I wish I could help him.' she thought and worried who only eat delivery food.

Seira is preparing foods on the table until, then Kai came out from the house. The neighborhood in the apartment were surprised seeing him leave the house. He went to a small gate infront of Seira's house.

"Andito si bagong lipat." Her sister shout.

They all went out. Except for Seira who's holding the plates when he arrives at their house.

"Ah sorry for the sudden visit. I just want to return this." He said as he showed the tupperware

"Diba tupperware natin yan?"

Seira saw it and hurriedly went out to get it.

"Ah." Seira opened the gate. "Please come in."

"Ah no. It's okay. Here." He gave the tupperware to her.

"Ahh..." Ren took it.

"Sorry, I didn't able to return it yesterday." He said with a smile. "And thank you again."

"Ah it's okay, I know you were busy." She replied.

Their jaw dropped like... Seeing them so close already in just days.

Kai chuckles. Seira cleared throat.

"Also here. As a thank you."

He give a box of a yellow box pizza, the largest one.

"Eh? You don't have to. Please don't bother." She said as she was shaking both her hands.

"No, I really mean it please." He was persistent.

Her sweat drops... "Well if you insist." She get it. "Uhm.. Thank you."

"Thank you too for the food." He step back and bowed at them.

Seira bow back at her.

He went back to the apartment. They went inside the room as well..

"Magkakilala na agad kayo?" Her family suddenly asked her.

"Wow! Such wow!"

She clear throat.

"Well... Ganto kasi yan."

They leaned forward their ears are open.

"Nagluto kasi ako ng tuna balls ung shinare story ko kahapon. Napansin ko kasi wlang dumating na delivery kahapon, kaya sabi ko baka busy. Ewan ko rin naisipan ko rin at nailagay ko sa tupperware at aun... Pumunta ako sa kanya, binigyan ko siya 8 balls with rice. Tas pinapasok niya ako sa loob. Sabi niya sobrang busy niya nakalimutan niya magorder ng food niya. So ayun. Nagexchange name kami. At ayun.... Un lang." She explained what happen yesterday.

"Taray naman ni ate. Dumadamoves."

"Ayos ate, nakalibre ka pa ng pizza." Her sister's boyfriend said.

"Naku. Sabi ko wag magabala. Eh ano pa magagawa ko, kakahiya naman tanggihin yung bigay." She said as she sighed..

"Tama nga naman."

'But.. I was really surprised, he do this..' Seira who keeps thinking him.

After the short story explanation, they start eating.

Next day.

"Ma punta ako SM." Ren shouted as she get the bag and kissed the dog before leaving.

"Geh go."

She went out of the gate and start walking, she didn't notice, Kai is also going out. He opened his car engine. He checked his time. Then went inside the car. He start driving... Until he reach and saw her walking.

Honk honk..

"Seira." He stopped the car, lowered the window and called her.

"Ah.. Hello." She slowly wave at her

"Are you going out?" Shin went out of the car, they got their attention.

"Ah yeah." 'Why did you have to go down?' she's covering her face.. she's the most embarrassing one.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"Uhm... SM. Just strolling." She answered

"Good timing I was also going there. And since I'm not yet familiarize in this place, can you accompany me? Of course, if only you're free."

"Hmm. Actually, I only go there just to play."

"It's okay. Since it's also my off."

'This guy is really so persistent but...when you look at it... Him giving me a ride, I might save money.' She thought. "Well, if you insist." She said in a low voice... She's shy...

Shin smiled and opened the door beside the driver's seat, then let her come inside. Then went back to his seat and start driving.

Seira because of her nervousness, she get her phone and chat her sister and her sister's boyfriend.

- 'Totoo ba to, kasama ko siya, nasa kotse niya ako.' She texted them..

- 'Weh?'

- 'Totoo nga, nagulat nga ako, bigla siya tumigil tapos sumakay ako sa kotse niya, kasi pupunta din daw siya sa SM.'

- 'Patingin nga! Picture ka nga.'

-'Luh.... Nakakhiya.'

She slowly opened the camera and put the camera besides her and made a sign peace slowly. As soon as she clicked button, she didn't know, Kai look at the camera as well and smilrd. She was embarrassed.

Shin scoffed. Ren was covering her face.

Her sister can't believe it, they told it to their parents.

Meanwhile while inside the car and it's traffic.

"Seira." He called her while he was driving.


"How long have you been in there. I mean that house." He suddenly asked random question.

She tilt her head and raised her brow. 'Why did he asked that kind of question?' "Well it's gonna be 12 years this april." She answered.

"I see." He just smiled.

"Why did he aske me like that? I wanted to ask him?' So many questions popped on her mind. "Uhm... Kai..."


"I know it's rude... You see... I feel like... Have we already met before?" She clear throat.

Shin just smiled and continue driving.

'What's with that? He just smiled at me. Was that a yes or no? But... I don't remember..' she was eagerly to know the answer.

Do they really knew each other?

A sudden call from Kai. He take out the phone.

"Excuse me, I'm just gonna answer this."

"Ah s-sure."

He take the call.

'I wasn't about to get the answer. But I really feel he already knows me. Ah damn.' She was frustrated that she really wants to know the answer.

Meanwhile, Kai was talking to a friend on the phone. He suddenly speak Chinese.

'He can also speak Chinese? Wow!' she was surprised.

- "Seriously why are speaking Chinese when we're Japanese?" A friend name Yuu.

" Shut up. She knows how to speak. Japanese. She might heard us.' " He's now speaking in a Chinese.

- "Oh.. Aha!... Let me guess, Seira... She's with your right now?" He said as he scoffed.


- "And... Let me guess... She haven't recognize you yet?" He said as he scoffed.

Shin looked at Seira.

" Yeah, she haven't know or remember me. " He rolled his eyes while turning the car and he sighed.

- "Did you just... Sighed? Hahahaha. Poor Shin."

" Damn Yuu, I really wanted to kiss her already. "

- "Bear with it man."

Does that means they really knew each other but it seems only Seira doesn't remember.

He sighed again. Ren tilt her head and confused. She doesn't understand what he is saying since he's talking Chinese

" We're almost here. I'll call you later. " He said.

- "Okay take care you two."


End of conversation.

"Sorry about that." He apologized to her.

"Ah no, it's okay. It must be very important."

'I guess, I'll just ask him next time...' she thought and felt disappointed thst she didn't get what she want to hear.

Later they got in the parking lot. They went down together and went inside the mall together

"Thank you for the ride, and sorry for the trouble." She said as she bowed to her.

"You're welcome."

They're now walking inside the mall...

To be continued...

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