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Multi-Tasking: Your Friend or Enemy?

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7 months ago
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I was at the house of a friend of mine this evening. The party was held in the wide lawn of the house. The tray slipped out of his hand and all the glasses in it fell to the floor of the marble floor. When I tried to find out the reason, I found out that someone had grabbed his bag next to the waiter who was busy with his work and put it in my car. He shook his head saying "OK sir".

He had a tray in both his hands. His mobile in the front pocket also started ringing. Understanding the emergency call, he had just looked at the mobile when unfortunately he collided with the chair and all the glasses fell to the ground.

If you just want to do two or four things, don't combine them all at once, keep them separate and combine them all with the best planning.

What if I ask you if there has ever been an incident in your life where you have taken on so many tasks at the same time in an effort to save time or work harder? If your answer is yes, then surely you also remember that this work would have come to an end and the purpose for which you did it would have also died. The human mind is a powerful thing but it is wonderful at that time. Gives results when applied to the same task.

Allah has endowed man with the ability to lead an orderly life and in fact a successful person is one who saves a minute of his time from being wasted, who sets certain goals and tasks for himself and achieves them. Once upon a time, a man was considered to be very capable who could handle many tasks at one time but today modern research has come to the conclusion that multi-tasking is harmful instead of beneficial.

What is Multitasking?
o Multi-tasking means: doing two or more tasks
at a time
In the cycle of best performance, man wants to prove himself as a multi-tasker. He wants to do as much work as possible in less time. Great performance in the job, raising your rating in freelancing and making more money in business, these are the reasons why people get involved in multi-tasking. Is harming.

Disadvantages of Multi-Tasking
According to the Very Well Mind website, "a person thinks that I have the ability to do many things at one time but his mind is not ready for it." Repeated transitions from one task to another at the same time impair creative performance. People who focus on only one task at a time are more successful and have better results than multi-taskers.
Multi-tasking is also called "silent killer" because it slowly kills the human ability. See some more disadvantages of multi-tasking.

(1) Mental capacity killer
You, me and all of us are human beings. Allah has given us eyes to see. We can look at the same time either face to face, right or left. It is not possible for a human being to look around at the same time. The human mind has a focus eye and this eye can be completely focused on one thing at a time, not too much. For example, you are writing something while sitting on a comfortable sofa in your drawing room. There is also a hot match of PSL on TV in front of TV. There is also your favorite pizza lying on the table in front of you, which is repeatedly attracting you. A message from your old friend also comes on the mobile lying nearby You are also looking at the screen, there is a demand for pizza and you have picked up your mobile phone to reply to a friend. In that case you will be able to write your article. Absolutely not. Not that standard of writingAs much as you write in a quiet and calm environment.

(2) Decrease in productivity
Research shows that "multitasking reduces our productivity (productivity / creativity) by 40%." Because moving from one job to another at a time, then leaving first Coming in, the mind wanders. The muscles of productivity inside the mind do not stay in one place and as a result the creativity of man is diminished. This is a very good understanding of it. Multi-tasking is going upside down instead of enabling you and instead of progress, degradation is your destiny.

(3) Blunt mind
Multitasking is a habit that makes your mind dull instead of sharp. In a study by the University of London, multitasking students were included in a mental competition and the management was surprised to see that the results of multi-tasking students are great. Turned out weak He looked tired and it was as if he had not slept all night.

(4) The number of errors is
also less than the rate of loss of one person working at a time, but the one who is doing many things at one time also makes more mistakes.

(5) Multi-tasking, friend or foe
We feel that multitasking is our friend when in fact it is working against us. It makes us feel as if we are a very capable and best performing person. This idea takes us into this imaginary world. That we have covered a large field, but when we look at the reality, it becomes clear that there is still a long list of things to do.

(6) The cause of embarrassment
Peter Bergman, a world-renowned author, was once at a conference. As he sat down, he realized that I could do the necessary e-mail to a certain person, because I have the opportunity now. The mind was also towards the conference. After sending the e-mail, he realized that maybe I did not attach the file with the e-mail, so he e-mailed again and also attached the file with it, but then he realized that I am sending an e-mail to him. It may occur to me that I have sent the same e-mail twice. Could not send you an e-mail from
We think that by doing two things at a time we might shoot a big arrow but in reality these things sometimes cause us to be embarrassed in front of others.

(7) Difficulty remembering
Multi-tasking prevents you from connecting your memorized items to each other. For example, if you open three or four different books at a time and some of the three things. If you want to remember, you will not remember a single good way and all will be confused.

Multitasking: Time, Quality and
Stress You have come to understand how multitasking harms your performance. At the same time, multitasking degrades your time, quality of work and stress. I also suffer. How. You have to do an activity to understand this.
Take a copy pencil and draw two lines. Write "The Flower is beautiful" in the first line and write numbers from 1 to 20 in the second line. This work will take a maximum of 30 seconds. Now do the same activity in another style Draw two more lines on the page. Here too, write "The Flower is beautiful" in the top line and count 1-20 in the bottom line. Now start by typing the first letter "T" in the bottom line. Write "1", then "h", then write "2" in the bottom line and "e", then write "3" in the bottom line and so on. Write the numbers in the bottom line and complete both sentences.
How long did it take? Of course you would have been bored. Your mind would have wandered many times and maybe you would have been stressed. It affects you and, above all, makes you irritable and tense, and you know how badly it can affect your professional life.

What to do then?
In order to reach any place in life, it is necessary that you hold a job, put most of your energy in it. If there is any weakness, remove it and make yourself a professional expert in this field, then the world will be behind you, but This requires that you focus on one task at a time and do not waste your energy on the deception of multitasking.
The second solution is, if you want to do two or four things, don't combine them all at once. Keep them separate and combine them all with the best planning. If you listen to a piece of music, it will sound a bit awkward, but if you listen to the music that is formed after composing a lot of melodies, you will get a server.

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Written by   17
7 months ago
Topics: Blog, Story, Writing, Experiences, Health, ...
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