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A person suffering from self-pity thinks that he is the unluckiest
person in the world because only bad things happen to him.

Telling the story of your deprivations to others is also a great addiction of the world A professional beggar presents himself with body language, words and facial expressions so pitiful and pitiful that people give him a lot of money. The woman was busy in the kitchen, her daughter was also sitting nearby. She was looking ahead with confused eyes for a long time as if she was trying to understand something. When the mother looked at her, she got worried. turned towards her and asked about the numbers of the calendar in front of her, the girl kept looking there for a long time but then she nodded helplessly. The mother took her to an eye specialist. I have been infected. It is a disease in which a person's eyesight becomes very weak. He can see only the edges of things and is gradually approaching blindness. "But I am not blind," cried the girl loudly, and this protest startled both her mother and the doctor. The girl's name. The world witnessed strange sights over the next few years.

From her school days, she was very interested in sports and especially running events. So she participated in the race events of the Summer Paralympics held in 1992 and won four gold medals despite being blind. Four years later in 1996. She won a gold medal and a silver medal at the Atlanta Paralympics in 2002. In 2002, she finished first in the New York Marathon with a time of 2 hours, 27 minutes and 10 seconds. She made her name but her name became famous all over the world when she won the eighth position in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and became the world's first blind woman athlete to participate in the Olympics. This determined girl, who has won many international awards, has a unique outlook on life. She says that there is no one in life.There is no finish line. It is a long journey that you just have to walk. She also says that it is not a man's vision but his negative attitude that makes him blind.
It would have been easy for Maria Runyan to accept her blindness as a fate and spend her whole life feeling sorry for her, but she took courage and turned her deprivation into strength with such determination and courage that she made history. Not suffering from inferiority complex despite a major disability and surpassing even good people thanks to your performance is undoubtedly a work of great courage, but it is sad to say that there are no such examples of living on your own in our society. There are equals who accept their deprivations, weaknesses and shortcomings and instead of being a help to others, they change the direction of life with their own strength. This attitude is very common in our country, in which a person wants to get the sympathy of others by telling his grievances. Here, it is more preferable to be the lower hand than to be the upper hand because it does not require effort and everything is done while sitting.It is found.

This is why you will find every third person here crying and suffering from self-pity, trying to make people think of me as oppressed, helpless and helpless and say: "Oh, you have been greatly abused." That the greatest addiction in the world is to keep telling the story of one's deprivations. It is such an addiction that once a person gets it, it is difficult to get rid of it. Due to this habit, a person is being harmed, but in his eyes. Such a bandage is tied that he does not feel this thing. Due to this behavior, he becomes a burden not only on his family but on the entire society.
A person suffering from self-pity is actually a very sensitive person. Sensitivity means that a person feels strongly what he sees and hears. There are two sides of sensitivity. One is negative and one is positive. The positive side is that thanks to sensitivity. Humanity's relationship is established. It is also very important for human performance. If you look at the history, all the great writers and poets of the world were full of sensitivity. All the great writers who have passed away were very sensitive. And thanks to this quality, his writings came to life and the whole world was devoted to him.

If you see a great painter and artist in the world, he makes a moon filled with the spirit of feeling and then it becomes a masterpiece. It was the result of this sensitivity that a person goes out to sell instead of clothes on his shoulder. He sees two men fighting. One of them took out a knife and stabbed the other in the stomach. The injured person fell on the ground and began to struggle and blood gushed from his wound. There were many people standing around but no one came forward to help. He threw his arms, picked up the injured person and carried him on his shoulder and rushed to the hospital. Due to timely treatment, the life of the injured person was saved, but this incident left a deep impact on the heart and mind of the clothes seller. He gave up his profession and started collecting donations by walking around the streets.

After a short time he managed to build a dispensary, then bought an ambulance and within a short time he founded a foundation that was and still is a pioneer in serving people not only in Pakistan but also outside the country. This person who sold clothes was Abdul Sattar Edhi and when he died he was buried with a salute of 21 guns. The spirit of feeling made him a special person.
The negative side of sensitivity is that when something bad happens to such a person, he feels it in a very deep way. He sees the negative side of the event instead of the positive side. He exaggerates this incident. A veil falls over his eyes and all the positive and good things that happen in his life are lost from his sight. He thinks that I have nothing to do with him. I wish he could come. He thinks that I am the most unlucky person in the world, because bad things happen only to me. People don't know how bad things are for me. They don't know how sick I am. He doesn't realize that his father is also dead. This thought forces him to start telling people about his sorrows. He does so and finds strange pleasure in this habit.
He tries to make himself oppressed in the eyes of people. With this habit, he also wants to get their attention. People are trying to justify themselves by saying yes, brother! You are absolutely right. By this behavior, he actually wants to escape from his responsibilities and inadequacies. He does not want to accept personal responsibility, he is just looking for a crutch to support himself. This is the reason. That when he is narrating his cry and the listener says to him, "Brother!" You also have a responsibility to do this and that, so hearing this sentence, he gets angry and says: "No, you don't understand me." Don't expect anything from me.
Self-pity is actually a form of jealousy. Such a person does not agree with God's distribution. He always thinks that I did not get what I deserved and so-and-so got it. He is dominated by evil thoughts that he It presents the oppressed and others as oppressors. Such people suffer from ego. When a person becomes egoistic, then it has two forms. In the event, that leads to self-pity.
You must have seen the work of beggars. When a professional beggar extends his hand in front of you, he presents himself with his body language, his words and facial expressions in such a pitiable and pitiful way that people give him a lot of money. The same is the case with a person suffering from self-pity.
One of the major disadvantages of self-pity is that it completely undermines a person's performance. Because when he thinks that why is oppression happening to me, then he does not take any interest in his work and his responsibilities and that is why. His skills are lost. A self-fearing person cannot progress in life. Because it is very important to have self-esteem and be reliable in oneself to develop and move forward, while a self-fearing person loses this quality. Where will it come from?
A self-fearing person does not take steps to improve himself because he is suspicious of the whole society and this does not attract him to improve himself. A self-fearing person cannot even achieve financial development. And how to tell the story of helplessness. Such people's relationships also become weak because the hope of the person sitting next to them also ends due to their words. He is ungrateful, and the blessings of an ungrateful person also disappear one by one.
The first step to end self-pity is for such a person to first change his thinking. Instead of thinking about the negative things that have made his life worse, he should see the positive things. He should accept the fact that 100% in life Bad things are not happening. The amount of bad things is 20 percent. The remaining 80 percent of things are happening good, but the human soul repeatedly brings the same 20 percent negative things in front of him, from which he thinks that there is something good in my life. no .
The second step is to give meaning to the events of his life. He should think why this incident happened to me. If it was a negative thing, then there must be something positive in it. It is necessary to have bitter incidents in a person's life so that he gets wisdom. Man's deprivations are blessings for him because of them he moves and tries to end these deprivations. Giving positive meanings to events makes a person hopeful and saves him from despair.
The third step is gratitude. He should think how much better I am today than the situation I was in five years ago. He should be grateful for whatever blessings he has. By this process, his blessings will begin to increase. If a negative event happens to him, he should not think about why it happened to me, but consider it a part of life and ask himself the question, what is the purpose of my life? When a person has his eyes on his purpose in life, then small incidents will not disappoint him, nor will he suffer from self-pity.

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Wow this is so beautiful. Cause I have a friend who frequently having a self-pity because he always think that he is the most unlucky person in the world because he is always haunted with bad situations. I don't know what to say but I always motivate him that he is not unfortunate. Thank you because I have more to tell him when he was attacked by such kind of behavior.

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