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Taking care of your children's teeth

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1 month ago

When it comes to taking care of their teeth it's best to start early, so that it develops into a lifetime habit.

Healthy teeth can ensure that your kids won't have a chance of any tooth decay or cavities.

Some every day habits can ruin your child's teeth:

Making sure your little angels pearly white are strong and healthy, go early to their dental health when they grow up.

It's important to stop doing this behavior if you want to avoid them having a dental problem as they grow up.

  1. Forgetting to brush their teeth. Brushing is an important habit of their daily routine. Your kids should brush their teeth at least twice a day. Teaching them early on since it's something that they will take with them well into adulthood. So, if you want your kids to keep visiting the dentist because of toothache, try them to take care of properly their teeth.

  2. Eating too many sweets like chocolates and candies. It's okay to eat sweets but not too much sugary food, which can cause your child to develop cavities or tooth decay which can cause painful toothaches.

  3. Keep chewing things. It usually happens a lot of kids do. You might see them chewing things like pencils, toys, crayons, etc.,

  4. Drinking soft drinks. We all know that drinking soft drinks are not only bad for your health but it also bad for your child's teeth. Instead of having any soft drinks at home, let your child drink fruit juices or much better, plain water.

  5. They used their teeth as tools. It usually happens when they are opening bottles or packs of snacks that are difficult to open.

  6. Brushing their teeth too hard. Yes, brushing too hard can damage your child's teeth. Especially when their brush is too stiff it can cause the enamel to slowly wear away. They must brush their teeth gently to avoid damage to your child's gums.

There are some tips to ensure that your children teeth are always in tip-top shape:

  1. Take them to the dentist as early as possible. It's a good decision to take your kids as early as possible to the dentist for checking up their teeth. You need to take your kid to the dentist as soon as their first tooth erupts. Don't let your kids get scared of the dentist because of stories they hear from friends or classmates because they might permanently get scared of the dentist.

  2. Brush at least twice daily and don't forget to floss. They should brush their teeth in the morning and before sleep at night. It can assure any bacteria would be removed from their teeth. Flossing also helps to removed dirt and plaque in between their teeth, which simple brushing can't deal with. Making it their habit every day as early as possible.

  3. Avoid sweets. One of the main culprits when it comes to tooth decay. We all know that kids can't stop from eating sweets, what you can do is to limit the sweets they eat and as much as possible, try not to get them used to eating sweet snacks or eating candies. Kids who weren't exposed to sweet and junk foods while they were young makes them healthier when they became adults, say studies.

  4. Check the fluoride content of your kid's toothpaste. To know the amount of fluoride in your child toothpaste you must check the amount of it. For kids who are 3-6 years old, the fluoride content should be just around 1,000 ppm (parts per million). For kids beyond 6 years old, it should be around 1,500 ppm. Remember that it's just a pea-sized amount would be fine. Fluoride helps strengthen your child's teeth and protect it from cavities.

Generally, the healthier your teeth are, the happier you look.

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Written by   17
1 month ago
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Teeth of the kids should be clean and must be brushed every day. Don't let them suffer from having pain or toothache. I use to skip brushing my teeth when I was still a kid and now i have regretted it. I don't want my kids to have a bad teeth so i tried to brush with every day, two times a day, in the morning and before going to bed.

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1 month ago

My son loves sweet and I am guilty that I allowed him to eat those but I do brush his teeth everyday.

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1 month ago

Some days my daughter will love to brush her teeth without telling her to do so and she loves doing it in front of the mirror. But some days it will be tricky to make her do it. We must indeed keep our child's teeth healthy and clean!

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1 month ago

The teeth of kids will be healthy if parents will take care of it well while they are still young. At young agr, kids ahould know the proper hygiene so they will grow up clean and healthy

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1 month ago