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Life is Too Short, Always Choose Happiness

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1 year ago

Both of us on this planet are living on borrowed time. We never know what our last days are going to be, and that's why we all need to start living like there's no hope. We need to start out and do things that scare us, do things that we love, do something different, do something, really, because life is too short for "what if."

I've had a lot of people I know I'm dying suddenly. Some of them had dreams for the future, like going to a country music festival, or they had dreams to celebrate a major anniversary with their partner, or they were going to see you walking at your graduation.

Seeing people I know dies, and hearing about all these sudden deaths of celebrities really makes you think about your own life. It really makes you know that you can leave at any moment, so you've got to get out there and live.

I've got a bucket list of stuff I want to do. I don't want to move to another country in some particular order, I want to learn a foreign language, I want to reconnect with old friends, I want to build a family with my caring fiancee, Peter, who'll be my husband eventually, I want to have a beautiful wedding, and I want to pursue a new hobby. Basically, I want to do something different.

We're just meant to go and do new stuff out there, and do and get out of our habit. Find a different path to work or school or everywhere you go. Request another drink from Starbucks or wherever your cup of joe comes from. Call them rather than calling them. Spend a day to experience nature, away from social media.

Life is far too brief to wait before anything happens. You should never wait until the universe is ready, because the universe should be ready for you now.

We all know, in an intellectual context, that life is short. Yet how many of us really live our day-to-day lives as if one day we were going to truly die?

Many of us live lives full of boredom, obligations, and unpleasant activities. We expend so much of our emotional energies just getting through the day that it's easy to forget that our time on earth is limited, that we're never going to get back the second we fritter away.

If you could fully understand the imminence of death, what would you do differently? To really feel the fragility of life, do you need to have a near-death experience?

We have to note that life is too short for you to waste a day doing jobs that you dislike. Life is too short for those we respect to keep grudges against. Life's too brief not to see the world's wonders. Life is too short not to live life in its fullest way.

That's not to suggest that you should remove tedium from your everyday life absolutely. You will also have duties and commitments that you don't want to do, even though you win the lottery, or sell your company and retire. Yet our duties should not be seen as a reason not to exercise the right to pursue the things that truly matter to us.

Here are few quotations about how short life is to remind us that our days need to stop being wasted, because one day, we won't have more days left to waste.

As the most important aspect of life, people continually concentrate on material possessions and winning, vowing to live life as much as possible. How much is the slogan "Life is too short not to enjoy a bit" thrown in our faces by the newspapers, profiteers involved only in making a buck? It is quick to buy into this theory, but it typically takes some drastic action to stir the memory until one has forgotten what really matters.

Life feels very long sometimes, and sometimes a day feels like a few seconds. It is the days spent in peace and laughter that offer us the optimism and courage to see the next day. Look at these insightful words of wisdom for inspiration, and unleash your inner longing at live a happier existence.

Our time on earth is fleeting, and we are becoming more mindful of this reality as we get older. While it can be simpler said than done, in our search of happiness, all the hurt, problems, and disappointments of the past or present do not deter us from living our next moments.

Every day is a second chance to make a difference for the better, and in a more constructive way, we should take this opportunity to express ourselves.

In the world, every single person has struggles. Every single entity has something to be grateful for in the universe. And at the same time, we'll always have both. Holding a positive attitude may be so tough, but we all owe ourselves the time that it takes to reflect on the positive. To be anything but happy, life is too short.

Here's the thing, I guess you ought to make some changes in your life if you're not satisfied. We have only one life, so maybe we will be happy as well. To be anything but satisfied, life is too short.

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Written by   2
1 year ago
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Happiness is also very anyone person want to it but do not it. Please flow me

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