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An EXO-L Through and Through

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11 months ago

I was not really a fan of KPOP before. The only KPOP idols that I know was 2en1, because my younger siblings were both fan of the said group. As a call center agent, I was too busy catching up some sleep because of the nature of work that we have. The only hobby that I have during those that was reading wattpad. I love reading so I got addicted with it. That's when I came across a story entitled "Welcome to EXO World".

"Welcome to EXO World" was a story on wattpad (I just forgot the author though.LOL). It's a story of a girl who live with EXO, a popular KPOP idol, who has a special bond with Baekhyun who is the lead male character. The story revolves around them. And because of the funny characters that is on the story, I got curious and decided to know more about them.

I started watching their videos, familiarize myself with every members which was difficult at first since they got 12 members. But eventually, I was able to memorise them. It was also a good timing since they have just started they first TV Show, EXO Showtime. The show gave us an introduction of every member and it shows us the different characteristics of each member. Watching the show gave me much happiness. And I was able to get to know them better.

They have been my constant stress reliever. I don't have a smart phone before so I would always visit a computer shop near our boarding house and would stay there until the shop closes. But once I got myself a tablet and a smartphone, I filled it with videos and music of EXO.

Knowing EXO helped me become an avid fan of KPOP. I started listening to Super Junior, 2en1, Shinee, Bigbang, and many more.

Shinee with Jonghyun (◞‸◟)
Super Junior for "Raining Spell for Love" video remake
Bigbang "MADE" promotion

EXO was on the top of their career when Kris, the leader of EXO-M, left the group in May 2014, while EXO was in the midst of promoting its song "Overdose" and in the midst of preparing for their first concert. I, being a Kris-bias, was devastated and betrayed for his departure. I did not expect that to happen but upon reading the reason of his departure, made me understand him for it was the same reason that Hangeng, a former SuJu member, complained against their company.

Promotional poster of Kris for "Overdose"
Hangeng of Super Junior

When every EXO-Ls were almost getting over Kris' departure, a few months after, Luhan, another Chinese member, also filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment on October 2014.

Promotional poster of Luhan for "Overdose

2014 was not the year for exo when it comes to having the group intact but despite these departure issues, "Overdose" gathered a lot of attention.

When 2015 came, the group released their new album, "EXODUS" with "Call Me Baby" as a hit single. During the promotions, Tao, the maknae of EXO-M and also a Chinese member, was missing for some of their guesting due to injuries and then, April of 2015, his father posted on Social Media about his departure. I was hurt as I consider him my baby panda but I was trying to understand because he was being neglected by the company. However, the betrayal that I felt when Tao left was far more intense than Kris' when Tao released his first solo album 3 months after his departure. As an EXO-L, I was really betrayed and disappointed in him.

Clip of Tao for "Call Me Baby" music video

After all these departure issues, the remaining members of EXO stand strong. With Lay left, everyone is expecting him to leave but Lay remained loyal. However, an issue between China and EXO are hindering Lay from joining his brothers in the group activities.

EXO had face a lot of controversies, dating issues, health problems, and the latest, Chen's shocking announcement of his marriage and him being a father. This news shocked everyone sunce it was an unexpected news. This created a ruckus when some of the Kerries, Korean EXO-Ls, wanted him out of the group howevrr, international fans and the rest of the Kerries protected him and we were successful enough since most of the projects to remove him failed. Chen then enlist for his military service a few months after, making him the 4th member to enlist.

Currently, EXO has 9 members, with 4 on military service while Lay is in China for his solo activities.

Whether OT12 or OT9 or OT8, EXO would remain to be EXO, a group that would always be on top no matter what. And I would remain as an EXO-L through and through.

PS: Here is a picture of our adorable baozi, Xiumin, after his discharge today.

PPS: A photo of my UB, Kai, on his debut stage as a soloist.

Kai with Baekhyun

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Written by   40
11 months ago
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This is my first time here in this flatform but I’m so happy to found my co- exol/co-eri :) I’m a pure exo-l hehe I attended their Elyxion concert and got Chen’s signed ball. And my bias is D.O. But of course I love every member, I’m so happy while reading your article, let’s continue to support them and continue to write :) btw done subscribing you :)

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7 months ago