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1 year ago

I am new here and I need help. I had been trying to navigate the website but I am confused and now I kind of having a little headache. Can anyone point me out in the right direction?

I am happy that one of my fellow Filipinos shared about read cash. I am writing articles as one of my ways of earnings. It is challenging to write original content but at the same time, it is helpful because I am able to express myself. I now have an additional outlet to combat boredom and loneliness. Yes, this pregnant woman is kind of bored. But I do know how important it is to stay at home and just go out when badly needed.

I received notifications from read cash that I had been paid. There were 2 payments but I cannot find them in my account. Are those funds converted to BCH? But when I did, the amount did not add up. Are those funds now gone? If not, where can I find it? I can't see it on my profile, it is just showing $0.000 it should be 0.0059. If it has been taken back, what are the reasons? I am just totally confused. I tried to write the articles, I am not sure why my mind is not absorbing the content. It is kind of buffering like my internet connection lol. I need some advice. Thank you.

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Did you maybe withdraw the funds out already? But welcome here, ma'am! I hope you manage well with the fast paced updates. The changes aren't that drastic to worry about though

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1 year ago

I did not make any withdrawals.

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1 year ago