The Right Good Sleep

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The right good sleep is essential for your health and wellness. It helps to regulate body systems and promotes healing. A good night's sleep also boosts the immune system, which has a positive impact on your daily productivity at work and school.

The quality of the sleep will affect our daily activity. If you don't have enough sleep can cause fatigue, headache and many other diseases.

We are living in a golden age of good sleep. When I was young, the standard recommendation was to get up and get going for a long day. Even in my teens, my friends and I looked forward to sleeping in late the next day.

Today, people are so used to high quality sleep that if they feel tired, they immediately think to themselves, "I'm tired. I should try to sleep more." They get used to the fact that, if they're awake past 11pm, they'll sleep in until 6am. This habit isn't just about getting enough sleep, it's about having good quality sleep. To sleep well, you must do many things in addition to actually getting the amount of sleep you need. If you consistently get 8 hours of sleep, you can still feel tired and get little benefit from that. The quality of your sleep is far more important than the quantity.

Take Note Of These Cautions For The Right Good Sleep.

1- Avoid excessive caffeine, which will keep you awake all day.

2- Take a long lunch break to keep your body's energy levels up.

3- Before bedtime go to the bathroom with only a few ounces of warm water and a towel to bathe. In the middle of the night go to the bathroom and turn on the light.

4- A great book, music or your favorite music helps to unwind and relax your mind and body.

5- Avoid using the bed for things other than sleep. Don't be a serial snorer!

6- Avoid excessive noise. Try to sleep on a good air conditioner (or fan).

7- Exercising the muscle the neck and shoulders before bedtime will relax you.

8- Keep a regular time to go to bed and wake up every day.

9- Relax before going to bed.

10 Don't do any work or use electronic devices after dinner.

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