How I Got To Know About Nickle Allergy Through My Braces.

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My Very Short Story

It all started when I woke up with a cold and my face started to swell really fast. It wasn't like my cheeks just swollen like what I usually get. It was swollen like the whole face swollen and it looked really terrible.

The swelling was so big and I didn't have any other symptom beside that. I was really worried about what was going on because it had never happened before. I was in so much pain that I couldn't do anything with my face. I was thinking to call my mom and to tell her to go to the hospital and to see if it's just a swollen muscle and if I need to take some medicine for it. She just said to take some Panadol and that's it.

My swelling just increased and I didn't know what was going on. It was a really scary time for me because I was really scared that it was something really bad and I have to stay in the hospital.

I called my best friend and asked her if she could go to the emergency room with me. I didn't know what else I could do so I just needed someone to take me there. We arrived at the emergency room of the hospital around 5 in the morning.

I went through a lot of procedures to check my blood pressure and I was in so much pain but I still had a smile on my face. I just didn't want my mom to worry about me. I had a terrible experience when I was in the hospital so I was not looking forward to another one. After we checked my vitals, they took an X-Ray of my face and it was really painful. I was crying and I asked them to stop. It was so painful that I just wanted to lay down and sleep.

After the X-Ray, they did a biopsy and a smear. The doctor then said to me you seem like you have got an oral allergy and I suggested you to get your food allergy test done with the food allergens. After an hour the food allergen then came back with the results which said I have nickel allergy due to your metal braces and it sounded pretty bad because i never knew i had an allergy and my dentist never mentioned to me. Well thanks to the treatment, advice and the removal of my metal braces i have a good oral health and a good face. Braces are good though but just so you know which one will be good for you.

I guess it will be good to share my experience and knowledge with you. And here are some vital information about nickel allergy, it effect and treatment I have for you.

What Is Nickle Allergy?

Nickel allergy is a common problem among people of all ages. It typically affects the skin, but can also cause problems such as asthma and gastro-intestinal issues. Nickel allergy symptoms include itchy, red, scaly or cracked skin; hives; and blisters. Allergic reactions to nickel can develop after contact with jewelry, hair products and body piercings.

Nickel allergy is treated with a series of injections that remove nickel from the body.

Nickel allergy has been increasing in recent years due to the widespread use of jewelry and body piercings in the US. Many patients have already suffered from nickel allergy prior to the use of the piercings, especially with tattoo and nose jewelry.

Some people with nickel allergy suffer from severe reactions to nickel that cause them to be unable to wear earrings and piercings. In these cases, removing all jewelry is recommended. The reactions can be temporary or permanent.

Nickel allergy can occur after contact with jewelry or other items that contain nickel. Some people develop allergies to nickel after receiving a tattoo.

The Signs And Symptoms Of Nickel Allergy

  • Redness and swelling at the point of contact

  • A feeling of intense burning or pain

  • A rash or hives that look like welts or are more circular than flat

  • Itching

  • Swelling

  • Cracked skin or blisters

  • Nail changes (lots of tiny, white, flat spots on the finger and toe nails)

  • Blisters on the lips or around the mouth

  • Itchy eyes or a runny nose

Nickel allergy may also cause other reactions in some people, including asthma, gastro-intestinal issues, and even headaches.

What to Do if You Have Nickel Allergy?

Try to avoid contact with jewelry or household items that contain nickel.

Use of ointment proved by a doctor.

Removal of any piercing or braces.

Seek for a phototherapy.

These are just few treatment i personally went through to treat my Nickle Allergy. In case i forget to let you know they is no cure for this allergy but just treatment and avoidance of nickle containing items.

Nickel allergy is a serious medical condition that can lead to many other problems. If you think you may have an allergic reaction to nickel, see your doctor right away for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

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