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Let's Choose The Reality You Want To Make Ourselves Live

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1 month ago

If you have been reading my articles for a long time, you may have noticed that my articles have included scientific research recently. Let's take a break from talking about scientific research today and imagine two very simple scenarios, and take a look at how our daily thoughts, how we view life, what we speak, in short, all our activities affect our lives.

In your first dream, imagine yourself in an extremely messy house. As soon as you wake up, you think how bad your life is. You are always critical of yourself throughout the day. Most of your friends are people who complain about life all the time. When you meet with them, you either talk about people you don't like or complain about the world altogether.

You are problem oriented, not solution. You see life as a web of troubles. Isn't everyone lucky except you anyway? According to you, nobody knows your value. The TV series and movies you watch are mostly of the kind that contain violence. You do not engage in any activities for your spiritual care during the day. Besides, you don't have time for that anyway. Just like you have no time to exercise. When you feel stressed, you turn to junk food. When you do this, the cruel critic in you sheds criticism.

Are you getting bored because of this dream? Well, then you have noticed the negative effects of just imagining this type of life on our mood.

Let's come to our second dream. In this dream, you wake up to an orderly and fragrant home. You have beautiful plans for the day in your head. Your circle of friends is full of positive people. You feel good when you meet them. Your friends and you are solution-oriented people, not problems.

There is no place in your life for toxic people who put you down and demoralize you. You trust yourself and life, you don't see yourself as a victim. You are aware of negative thoughts that pass through your mind from time to time, but since you are aware that your mind is the sky, and thoughts are clouds passing by, the presence of your negative thoughts does not bother you. You are a realistic optimist who is aware of the negative but takes care to nurture the positive.

During the day, you definitely spare time for activities related to your spiritual care such as yoga and meditation. You exercise regularly and feed your body with foods that are good for you. You pay attention to your sleep patterns and stay away from violent TV series and movies. You spend your time with activities that will benefit you and the world.

Yes, which dream do you like? What dream do you want to make yourself live? Is it her first dream or her second dream? As these two examples show us, our words, the series we watch, movies, the books we read, the music we listen to, the way we spend time with our friends, the words we make to ourselves, our daily behaviors combine one by one and form our reality. And these are all choices.

Yes, issues like pandemics or natural disasters are not under our control. However, we shape a large part of our lives through our behavior. So let's make it a habit to pay attention to how we speak, think and behave throughout the day. And let's choose the reality that we give ourselves through all our actions.

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Written by   45
1 month ago
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