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cute love story

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1 year ago

After the marriage with Nusrat was arranged, many boys are telling me that Nusrat is arguing verbally. Even after hearing this, I had to marry Nusrat because when all the family members agreed to this marriage, nothing would happen to my words. Besides, everyone in the family is saying that Nusrat is a very good girl, she reads all the prayers and the Qur'an. Well, what else can I do? I have to get married as the family is happy. The wife's parade started a few days after the marriage. When at 12 o'clock at night Nusrat says about time-

__ You hear me go out.

__What do I do?

__ Strange how can I go alone?

__What will happen if you go to the bathroom even after this room, you can go by yourself.

__No, I will not go alone. Before you check the bathroom, do you have cockroaches?

__Hur, I can't, is it a cockroach, a tiger or something that will eat you.

__I understand you don't love me?

__Okay, let's go?

After coming out, I fell asleep againWhen Nusrat says again at 3 o'clock at night ??

__ Is this my sleep coming?

__So what do I do?

__Josna walks on the roof with me and they'll see.

__I will not go.

__I understand you don't love me.

__Okay, let's go.

If he doesn't agree with Nusrat's words, does he say one thing? You don't love me. I can't help but agree with all his words for not saying that. So I have to endure and go to the roof at 3 o'clock at night.

__Let's go to the room and sleep.

__ Strange, what kind of sleep will give Fajr Azan after a while. After prayers, go to work with breakfast, now you do not have to sleep.

>> What else to do to go to work after prayers. But no, Nusrat almost always does things that I find unbearable. Telling the family won't help because Nusrat doesn't have a good fight with everyone. If I say there will be no profit, so do not say anything. In this way, I am always the wife's para.

One morning while going to work, Nusrat took 1000 rupees from me. I also give only the money I asked for. I think she will do some shopping. But after 3 days I did not see much new things in the house. But younger sister went to the market together with Ritu .Then I went to the market and sat on the bridge thinking about why Nusrat did with the money. At that time Rahim's uncle's son was coming from the madrasa. Just show me ??

__Assalamu_Alaikum how are you brother?

__Walakumsalam yes good and how are you?

__Yes, good brother, I put on Punjabi today?

__Yes beautiful who bought you?

__ Why brother bought you Anna, mother is calling me .Brother, my Punjabi watch is very old. I am very happy to buy you my Punjabi watch. I will pray for you.

It was not too late for me to understand who bought the Punjabi watch for Rahim's cousin. And that girl is my wife Nusrat. I've been para for so long, it's not para, it's Nusrat's love that I didn't understand. Can a girl who knows how to love the poor and helpless be trusted with her eyes closed? He will never hurt my family, he will always love everyone. Now on the night of Nusrat, the moon, Josna, wet in the rain, these don't seem like para to me, they all seem like love !!

__ My writing is fictional but there are many girls like Nusrat who love poor helpless people.

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Written by   3
1 year ago
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Fjk tha.k

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1 year ago

Nice story, what does it matter if someone is poor, it is important to have a good soul, to have a heart and goodness in you.

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1 year ago