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Online Shopping Stories

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1 month ago

Online shopping is very popular nowadays. It became more popular during the lockdown by which shopping is made easier through online shopping platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, and the likes.

As shopping was made easy through the apps, everyone has their experiences, either funny, happy, annoying, etc.

I had good experiences, and there are disappointing ones too. I saw the cheap price of wet wipes which are usually around Pho40-100 in physical stores depending on the sizes. I saw the huge one being sold at Php12. So far, majority of reviews are positive so why not?

I'm excited to receive my parcel, and when I checked it, it looks good. However, the wet wipes seem like in water instead of any disinfectant. I can understand because of its price but it is still useful. I have other wet wipes which are legitimate but the price is similar to those sold in physical stores.

Recently, my wife bought a non-stick pan from legitimate and known store. It looks good as advertised, even at its video. Reviews are mostly positive too. When it arrived, I am very excited too. When the parcel was opened, I am not happy on its size which is just around 8-inch long and 5-inch wide. It's too small that some foods can't be fried on it. I'm still happy because it has good quality but needs to be used with care.

We bought a lot of stuff from online shopping apps, and so far, we enjoyed doing so because we don't have to go to physical shops. However, there are funny experiences from others.

There are so-called promos like cheap phones. They looked good in the picture, and others are easily deceived. When they received the parcel, the phone is actually old ones which either it's not functioning or not totally working. Others even bought phones and when they unboxed the package, it has lots of stones on it.

In such cases, caution is needed to not get scammed by some users. There are modus which a parcel is coming to your home but you haven't bought anything. The parcel is COD or cash on delivery. If you fall for the scheme, the parcel is even fake. So better don't receive them.

Be aware when buying stuffs. I remember when I tried to buy a shirt which its price is Php50. However, when I checked out and paid it via GCash, the actual price is Php300. I realized I had chosen a different color from what appears in the picture.

Next time, if you saw a cheap product, check the real prices. For example, you're supposed to buy barbecue grill which appears in the picture and the price is only Php80. Actually, it's the barbecue brush which is worth Php80. It's deceiving and these online shopping platforms should address such way of cheating on customers.

Few months ago, my wife ordered a secondhand laptop computer. It finally arrived after 15 days. When we checked the parcel, I was amazed thinking there's a freebie which is a wireless gaming keyboard. Its box is attached to the laptop. Upon checking its own box, there's a name on it which I am not familiar of.

I realized the keyboard is not a freebie, and when they are sorting it, they mistakenly attached it on our parcel. Since there's a name and phone number on it, I messaged the person telling her that her parcel was attached on our parcel. The lady never responded on our message. I checked her name on Facebook and I found her but I never messaged her. I value my privacy, or even her privacy. She might not respond again.

I'm waiting for the delivery man just in case he will come back but it's already around 2 weeks. I even checked the status but I can't find anyone whom it will be returned. Besides, it is not our mistake. I don't know where's their office. The parcel is actually cash on delivery or COD so there's no loss for the one who ordered it. Until now, the keyboard is still here. The delivery man is free to come back.

We may have good or bad experiences with online shopping platforms, but they do have great contribution for our lives to make things easier.

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Written by   66
1 month ago
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I had experience too on shopping, I shopped for a bag one time like this, my bag didn't arrive, at Las! I was scammed, till date I didn't see the bag, I am always care to order anything online since then.

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1 month ago