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Heart of Gratitude

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1 year ago

Gratitude is one of the most powerful human emotions. Once expressed, it changes attitude, brightens outlook, and broadens our perspective.

- Germany Kent

Look at the bright side of things. Sometimes we become ungrateful when things doesn’t goes the way we expected .

-Being grateful plays a significant role in our lives .

- It doesn’t need to be always in achieving big things . But embracing the present situation that you are facing in .

Our life wasn’t meant to be perfect. We go through a lot of phases . And sometimes we forgot to appreciate the beauty of being alive , because we suffocate our thoughts on negativities .

Whenever my eyes catches the view of Sunrise and Sunset it makes me feel whole . Why? It gives me hope again that there is so much more than to hang on your past . You will still be able to shine , to grow and to succeed.
I often wake up early in the morning to meditate with sipping the best aroma of my coffee around . Because sometimes meditation is the best therapy you need ♥️

Now that i am few closer to my 20s , i used to think of what my life will be 5 years from now .
Bundles of confusions have crossed in my mind but one thing i always taught of myself is that “GOD WOULD SURELY LEAD ME IN THE BEST DESTINATION OF LIFE “

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There will be good and bad days , and both of this days discovered who we really are .

A grateful heart is the magnet for miracles

Are you seeing your miracle?

Maybe if not , now is the time to shift your focus on becoming a grateful person.

Its indeed hard to express gratitude when you are surrounded with confusions and doubts. Sometimes only by having abundant season we have so been expressive on our gratitude towards people , on things and to God.

But the question is how about in the season of nothing?
There is so much to be thankful for , even if you always thought that life is hard , even if you are surrounded with uncertainties and even if all the choice that you have is to quit and give up.

We should always bear in mind of this things :

Appreciate and Celebrate your life

Your existence brings a significant purpose to your family , and to the people who believed in you .

Everything that happened in your life comes with a purpose

All things work together for our own good .

And ;

You matter

You are worthy and you have many capabilities to make the world a better place .

Be grateful for everything ♥️
“Thank you “ is a powerful word .

Say it before its too late on someone who deserves to hear it ♥️

I was busy on this previous month but i always visit here in to learn new things through reading articles .

I am beyond grateful that I’ve discover this kind of platform, i take this as an opportunity to unleash what God has given me .

Even if i see myself not good in expressing English Grammar to make a even a simple kind of thought , but yeah there is always a room for improvement ♥️

I hope we can get along with each other , and Godbless us always ♥️

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Written by   10
1 year ago
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Laban jud kaya na :)

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1 year ago

Laban lang ha! Kaya rane padayuna ni

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Laahhh uyy, rooting for you here in brey, Laban lang ta sa Life as Always🥰😇🙏

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1 year ago

Thankyouuu hahahaha yes sukollll

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