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The 11 Things You Should NEVER Do In Life If You Want To Be Happy

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7 months ago

Looking for a list of the top things you should never do in life? It's real simple. You could be following the wrong path and still not be happy with yourself. When it comes to happiness, there is always going to be a point where you realize it isn't coming from where the majority of us hope it would come from.

Happiness is easier to achieve than you think. But, it's not always easy to obtain and maintain. For you to be happy, you need to keep in mind the following 13 things I've researched in my personal life that have shown tremendous results!

1. Don't stay in a dead-end relationship because you're comfortable.

Don't stay in a relationship just because it's convenient or because you feel like you have no other option. If you're not being treated well, don't be afraid to walk away from the relationship. You deserve better than that!

2. Don't spend too much time with negative people.

Spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself and who uplift your spirits every day. Negative people can drain your energy and make you feel downcast, so avoid them!

3. Don't compare yourself to others too much.

You are only one person and many things set you apart from everyone else (like your profession, hobbies, and interests). Do not compare yourself to others too much - they might not even be able to live up to your expectations!

4. Don't be afraid of change or rejection.

Change is inevitable, whether it's good or bad. The only constant thing is change itself! You can't stop it from happening, so be prepared for it! Don't let fear hold you back from progressing in life, because it will prevent you from achieving all your goals and dreams.

5. Don't let others control your emotions or your life decisions.

Don't let other people tell you what they expect from you or how they think things should be done, instead of always doing the best that they can do themselves! Be yourself and own your decisions; nobody else has the right to decide for you and make them for you!

6. Don't expect success to come easily, because it never does.

In the end, success is a matter of attitude. You can't wait for your life to begin; you must be prepared to move mountains and sing songs you'll never get to hear.

You can't expect success to come easily, because it never does. It's up to you to make the effort, and that means being willing to work at it every single day.

So don't let yourself get stuck in "wait-and-see" mode concerning your career or your relationships, because then you will always be waiting for something that may never come.

Instead, take action and move forward — not just in terms of what you want but also in terms of how you think about yourself as a person who has already achieved some measure of success.

If you want a better life and a more fulfilling existence, then start by changing the way you think about yourself right now — right here and right now — so that by the time tomorrow arrives, all the things which seemed impossible yesterday will be possible today!

7. Don't constantly compare yourself to other people and the lives they appear to be living through social media.

8. Don't compare your life to others' lives because you'll never achieve what they do and you'll feel bad about yourself.

9. Don't compare your life to others' lives because it's an endless cycle of resentment that makes you feel like crap about yourself, which then makes you anxious, which then makes you angry, which then makes you frustrated with everything in your life, including yourself...and that's why some people are depressed or have anxiety disorders or depression disorders or obsessive-compulsive disorder or bipolar disorder or any number of other mental health issues.

10. Don't constantly compare yourself to other people and the lives they appear to be living through social media.

The world is full of people who are miserable, unhappy, and unhappy with their lives. Happy people are few and far between, so it's always easy for us to feel lonely and isolated when we don't fit in with the general public.

But there's a way that you can use the internet to your advantage. You can use it to see what other people are doing, how they're living, and why they think they're better than you. This will make you feel worse about yourself because you'll see that people who live dissimilar lives from yours all around the world have much more success than you do in the areas where you excel.

We must remember that comparing ourselves to others is never a good idea because it makes us feel inferior about ourselves and our own lives, which only makes us feel worse about our circumstances.

11. Don't take rejection from another person as a reflection of your self-worth or value - it's not personal, so don't take it personally!

The only thing that matters is what you do with your life, not what other people think of you.

Don't let other people define who you are and tell you what you're capable of achieving in life - only YOU get to do that!

Don't be afraid to dream big, because if you don't, you'll never achieve anything great.

Don't look back on your past, because it's over and done with - move forward with the lessons learned from it.

Be grateful for everything in life! Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces on Earth. It has the power to change your life from the inside out and will help you live a better one than ever before.

Enjoy every moment of life - even the bad ones! Because if there's something positive about them, then they were good for some reason or another!

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conclusion: I hope this has been both entertaining and helpful to you. The more I read and researched, the more I discover that many of the things I thought were good for me were hurting me. So now I try to focus on making the right choice instead of choosing everything in sight, which ultimately leads to cheating myself out of happiness. What do you think? Do you agree with my findings?

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Written by   31
7 months ago
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These are great points my friend. Staying with negative people will affect our lives negatively.

I must not compare myself to anyone because I am me. No one can be exactly like me.

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7 months ago