9 Daily Habits That Will Make You Happier Than TV Or Video Games

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Most of us sit around feeling guilty about the amount of time we spend in front of a screen, watching TV, or playing video games. We sit down and think about how we've led ourselves down this path. In reality, you can get back control over your day with these 9 daily habits (one per day). It takes less than 5 minutes most days, but can totally transform your life! I've also listed 21 free apps on my site which will help you make these 9 daily habits even easier.

1. Exercise

Exercise is good for you. It helps keep you healthy and fit. Exercise can also help prevent disease and prolong life.

Exercise is a great way to help you lose weight, build muscle or tone your body. You can exercise in many ways, such as walking, running, cycling, swimming or dancing.

Exercise can also help you feel better. Many people who exercise regularly say that their health improves in many ways including decreased stress levels; better sleep; improved moods; less fatigue; stronger muscles; and more energy.

2: Write down what you're thankful.

For everything that you have, and for everything that you are, I am thankful. I am thankful for the good times and the bad times. I am thankful for each day that passes and the days that I have left. I am thankful for the people who have helped me along the way, and those who will continue to do so.

I am thankful for my family, friends, teachers, and mentors. They have helped me through tough times or just made me smile when we're all having a good time. While there are many reasons why we may not be together in person every day, it's important to know that we'll always be connected by our love of learning and each other's support.

I'm also thankful for our health! We've been blessed with many healthy years together as a family, which means we get to enjoy each other's company even more than before.

I'm also thankful for all of our friends who have supported us along the way! As parents ourselves now, we're so grateful that they came into our lives at such a pivotal time in both our lives (when we needed help) as well as when it was time to find out what set us apart as a family unit (when)

3. Practice random acts of kindness.

The practice of random acts of kindness (RAO) is a simple way to spread happiness. You can do this in small ways, or you can use it as a tool to change your life.

The first step is to find something that makes you happy. If you like music, find an instrument and learn how to play it. If you like cooking, try making a meal for someone else. If you like animals, volunteer at the local animal shelter and help out with their care. When I was younger, I always enjoyed helping people out with math problems, so I would often help children with their homework after school and on weekends when they had extra time (I'm still doing this).

This can be done at home or in school with friends or during extracurricular activities such as sports teams or clubs. It's also fun if you have access to computers because you can use them for online quizzes and games that involve solving math problems or finding words in anagrams or crosswords.

RAO doesn't have to be about charity either; it can also be about taking care of yourself by eating healthy food or going for walks around your neighborhood every day (or even just taking a short walk around the block every morning). You

4. Keep an accurate count of how many times you smile each day.

Keep an accurate count of how many times you smile each day.

Ask yourself questions like: How many times do I smile? When do I smile? Do I smile when I’m happy? Do I smile when I’m upset? Does my smile change when I’m talking to different people?

You can also make a chart for yourself over time to see if there’s any correlation between your happiness and your smiles.

5: Make a list of all the things that make you happy, and then write down the activities that bring you joy

Making a list of all the things that make you happy, and then writing down the activities that bring you joy is an easy way to get out of a bad mood.

A simple question like “what makes me happy?” can help you figure out what’s really bothering you, and help you get on top of it. It’s also a way to figure out what your priorities are in life.

I’ve found that the most challenging part about happiness is finding the time to do it. That’s why having a routine can be so helpful — it gives you a structure for your day, and helps keep your brain focused on something positive instead of negative thoughts..

6: Carry a mirror with you wherever you go, so that you can see your smile when it’s not there.

Always carry a mirror with you, so that you can see your smile when it’s not there.

It’s easy to forget what you look like when you’re busy doing something else. Sure, you might remember the face in the mirror when you get home, but if you’re on a run or in class or at work and just want to enjoy some peace and quiet, it can be hard to find time for yourself.

Mirrors are great because they give us the opportunity to really take in our appearance. They allow us to see how we look up close, so we can make sure that we have good posture and avoid any bad habits that could be costing us our health.

7: Carry a handkerchief in your pocket or purse, and use it as often as possible

If you need to make a call, carry a handkerchief in your pocket or purse, and use it as often as possible. It's not only more hygienic than pushing the phone to your ear with a tissue; it will also keep your ear dry and prevent the build-up of bacteria that can cause ear infections.

If you're out in the sun, instead of using sunscreen on your hands and face, apply it to both ears. This will ensure you don't miss any spots.

When you're done using the bathroom or changing clothes, cleanse your ears with a cotton ball or washcloth dampened with lukewarm water and mild soap. Then pat dry with a soft towel.

8. Think about someone who's gone out of their way to help you

No matter how small the deed, if it is done out of love, it is grand.

Think about someone who's gone out of their way to help you. Maybe they went the extra mile to get you something you needed, or maybe they went above and beyond to be there for you in a difficult time. Think about how much that person has done for you, and how much better your life is because of them.

When we do things for others, it's often because we want to make sure that person feels special and loved. We want them to know that we care about them and understand how hard their life can be sometimes.

Even if we don't realize it at the time, our actions can positively impact others' lives in such important ways as making them feel loved or appreciated or giving them something they need or want.

9: Take a moment to be alone with your thoughts.

Take a moment to be alone with your thoughts. Allow yourself to breathe and think about what's been weighing on your mind. If you're stuck in a rut, try identifying the things that are holding you back from taking action on an idea. Once you know what's holding you back, it's easier to break out of that funk and move forward with confidence.

Closing thoughts:

Don't be so hard on yourself.
You are human and make mistakes. It's not a bad thing to be human, but we all make mistakes. Don't beat yourself up over it. It's not worth it! You will learn from your mistakes and move on in life.

Take a deep breath, smile, and try again!

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One must follow this. But now all are addicted to smart phones. They find it difficult to step into the garden for some fresh air atlease.

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Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback with me. there is no doubt now a day we see everyone becomes addicted to smartphones

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