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Capturing the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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8 months ago

I am just looking around my photo albums on Facebook when I found there's an album that's entitled "Capturing the Petronas Twin Towers." The photos inside the album are just about the Petronas Twin Towers. So let me just create an article about this.

I originally blogged this on my travel blog at Kuala Lumpur City Tour in September 2013.

Malaysia was the first country I visited the moment I got my own passport. I bought a flight for a cheap price because it was a promo. I announced it on my Facebook then a friend of mine wanted to join my trip. So, it was just the two of us. I really love to plan my trips so I searched for a place to stay and where to go around in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This was in September 2013. I just broke up with my ex-boyfriend. My mom encouraged me to travel.

So here's a first photo, my first capture of the Petronas Twin Towers when we were walking around looking for a teller machine as I need to withdraw some money. We just need to find someplace to eat.

The second capture is a view from our car. We were going somewhere that going to Petronas Twin Towers was not yet on the plan. I think we went for a tour with our driver. I got a voucher from a deal website which was affordable.

The third capture was where to find the best view of taking a photo of the Petronas Twin Towers. I remember that it was so annoying to take photos here because the old Chinese woman wanted to scream at us as she wanted a photo of herself with the towers.

The fourth capture is a photo of me with the towers behind me. Being in an Islamic country, I decided to wear a dress or a t-shirt with long skirts. I had a backpack with me where I put my DSLR camera and a Hawk brand sling brand where I put the money and passport.

The fifth capture is a photo together with my friend. I think our driver took our photos together. As you can see in the background, so many Asian tourists as well. We went on the next tour.

In the sixth capture, we decided to have lunch inside the Petronas towers KLCC, it's a shopping mall that everything is so expensive. We just went to the food court and eat McDonald's burger. LOL

In the 7th capture, I enjoyed taking photos of the water fountain.

In the 8th capture, we went back at night to see the beautiful sight of the Petronas Twin Towers.

The 9th capture is a photo of the water fountain on the same location of the day shoot. If you're wondering why the photos are nice, we use a camera stand to help us capture photos in a light-low situation.

More Night Photos of the Towers for you to Enjoy!

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Written by   119
8 months ago
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