Discussion: Scaling, Funding, and Patents in BCH and BSV

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3 years ago

*Apologies I screwed up the recording settings and it only shows the person speaking instead of all of us. It's better when you can see reactions and facial expressions throughout. My bad!

Steve Patterson, Deryk Makgill, and TK Coleman join me for another rousing discussion.

This one went a bit longer than intended, but I assure you, it only gained momentum and by the end we were yelling at each other about patents.

It was fun!

To re-iterate: All four of us share a desire to see bitcoin become global free market money and so much more. We love big blocks, low fees, speed, innovation, and rapid adoption with as many use cases as possible.

We debate, discuss, and sometimes disagree on the best strategies and which approaches have the highest probability of success.

We all believe that both BCH and BSV approaches have merit, and to religiously dismiss one out of hand is a mental and strategic mistake. We hold no malice for any of the players involved and welcome thoughtful discussion (hell, I even get a kick out of thoughtless trolling!)

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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4 bsvtards shilling fake satoshis scam coin... again..

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3 years ago


I want bitcoin to win. Would prefer it to be BCH. But I see good and bad in both bsv and Bch. Both have possibility and liability.

But thanks for watching!

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3 years ago