A Short List of Non-Tech Takes on Bitcoin

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3 years ago

My first read.cash post! I'm excited. I was a heavy user of Yours.org for a while, and love testing out new platforms.

I've been fascinated by Bitcoin since 2012 when I finally bought some (after refusing for some months to setup a wallet for Jeffrey Tucker to send me "a few bitcoins").

I'm an entrepreneur (not in the world of crypto, but in education and careers), and though I lead a technical team, I'm not technical. I do a lot of writing, speaking, and podcasting, mostly on entrepreneurship, education, economics, careers, personal freedom, markets, startups, and the like. I follow bitcoin closely and have read pretty deeply across the space.

But I only occasionally jump in with my own thoughts and questions. I've begun doing it a bit more lately in a few videos with friends of mine who are also big block bitcoiners. (Steve Patterson, Deryk Makgill, and TK Coleman).

I am unabashedly excited about global free trade, non-government money, and massively on-chain scalable bitcoin. I don't care which ticker symbol or personalities "win", I care about freedom, prosperity, and functional free-market money.

I'm here to learn and enjoy. I have enough stress with my family and startups, so bitcoin is a fun escape for me. I've got a little skin in the game and a lot of belief, but ultimately it's a passion, not a necessity so I try to stay objective and make sure I'm having fun.

Anyway, here's a handful of articles, videos, and podcasts I've done over the years (mostly starting with the original debate that led to the BCH fork) on Bitcoin. It's primarily basic, timeless stuff rather than current crypto gossip. Hopefully some other non-techies will find some value in it!

Here are ~30 or so posts, from podcast interviews with Roger Ver and Ryan X. Charles, to video discussions with CoinSpice and the aforementioned crew, to articles I've written as I've explored the space.

Check them out.

Thanks, and keep fighting the good fight! (But remember to keep it fun. You can't make the world more free if you're a slave to the news and opinions of others).

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Welcome, I was also part of Yours for several years, I am so glad to see you here, successes!

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