To be a child again.

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Yesterday I went out with my son and grandson to take a tour of the neighborhood where we live now and I realized the great difference between the actions and thoughts of children and adults.

Every time the children go out they think about what they are going to order during the tour and if they don't think about it, the stores take care of making them feel like they want something.

The child concentrates on what he wants and asks for it without asking if he can, if he has the money for that expense. This is how many psychologists and many metaphysical people say that we should be. concentrate and ask because everything is created for us.

Could it be that if I ask for a house, my wish will come true? I think that everything is possible, as long as the parameters for the fulfillment of the desire are met.

At what part of the growth path did we get sidetracked and stop making wishes? Or do we begin to think that wishes are not fulfilled as easily as children?

I recently experienced a situation that left me perplexed: in my house there was no food and the children began to ask for food because they were hungry and suddenly I looked at one of my pages that had worked for 1 year and had not gotten anything from there.

So I took out much of what I had saved and bought good food for 3 months. But why don't I get it more often? As adults, we disconnect from that feeling of abundance very often and then we have a hard time finding it again.

The moral is that we have to get used to living in the feeling of desire without asking ourselves where it will come from to materialize. Just like children do, who ask without knowing where the object they asked for will come from.

We adults ask ourselves a lot of questions and we don't think it's happening, something we've been doing until a certain age.

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