Let's write my diary. Day 8 - Personal motivation videos.

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Hello friends, a big greeting. Today has been a fairly quiet day which I have taken advantage of to listen to several personal motivational videos on YouTube and the truth is that I have liked them very much since they have given me peace of mind that I was missing so much.

I'm not a metaphysician, but the truth is that listening to these videos about how we should do things so that everything goes well gives me a lot of peace of mind.

I was feeling overwhelmed by so many things that I want to do and have not been given to me that I started looking and found these videos by Neville Goddard that explain many of the things that we can do to help ourselves but that I understand that I have a lot left to do learn.

In that I am, and if you never start, you never finish. But I have already started and I hope to continue in this since it is very good for my mental and emotional health.

It is relaxing and helps you find faith in yourself again. If you have never tried it, I invite you to try it. It can start on a Sunday, which is the day we are most unoccupied and hopefully you get into the habit. You will see that you will not regret it.

You can also search for the audios of Napoleon Hill, the videos of this author helped me travel to Colombia in 2016. A trip where I had many experiences, but now I am more aware of what the whole issue of personal improvement is.

Well and apart from all this, tomorrow I won't be able to see my mom as I wanted since I haven't seen her for about a month. First because I got Omicron and now because my niece's husband who lives with my mom took an Omicron test today and it came back positive.

In December 2020 my nephew had Covid and he looked very bad, now he has Omicron but I think that with the experience with the virus they already know how to attack it so that it does not develop.

Well, I'll have to wait. Everything is for everyone's health. So far my short lines from my diary. I hope tomorrow I have many more things to tell you. Good night friends.

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