Let's write my diary. Day 35. Scents that evoke memories.

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Hi friends. Today I am not bringing you a recipe to make, no. Rather I will talk about the dejavu. For those who don't know what dejavu means, it's a French word that means Already Seen.

And the fact is that I was preparing lunch today and since yesterday I provoked myself to eat pasta with canned tuna. You already know the characteristic smell that canned tuna has, it floods the house.

But it turns out that when I was preparing the sauce and I added the tuna, I got that smell that transported me in thousands of seconds to various places.

Yes, not to one but to several different places and it was like a blast, a video that went through my mind very quickly and brought back nice memories.

I remember that I used to go to the beach a lot, I love the beach, the warm water, and we always did it in groups and what was best for cooking was pasta because it was profitable, cheap and easy to take to the beach, mountain or river.

I remembered every moment I lived when that rich, tasty smell of the sea and tuna arrived hehehe. We brought it already prepared or we cooked it on the beach with sticks.

The other memory that came to me was the times I went with my children and my husband to the Sierra de Perija. This is a place, a mountain, a mountain range located between Colombia and Venezuela. There we had a few hectares, 200 I think they were.

Every time we went shopping for food to spend the whole week there, the tuna and pasta were never missing. Many of our friends learned to eat tuna pasta with us on those trips.

The other memories were right here in my house, several nights in a row my children cooked pasta with tuna and a lot of green pepper.

Wow wonderful memories pass through our mind just with a smell. Has it happened to you? What has it reminded you of? If you want, you can tell me in the comments.

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